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"Uçuş sırasında uyanmaman lazım."

Translation:It is necessary that you do not wake up during the flight.

May 18, 2015



Nasty sentence.


This isn't a sentence you would ever phrase like that in English. You would say "you should stay asleep during the flight" or something. Really awkward.


I couldn't agree more.

It seems that there are many ways and degrees of expressing necessity in Turkish, and I guess this is why we are seeing these structures with "It is necessary..." at this point, instead of "should/shouldn't" or "must/mustn't".

Still, introducing unnatural English sentences is hardly the right way of pointing out the differences between the various Turkish expressions.


As a native Turkish speaker, You can use should or must. We do not use degrees of expressing neccessity in Turkish


Yep a really clunky sentence.


Under what strange conditions might anyone say this?


To me it calls to mind travelers on a long international flight trying to account for changes in timezone and one is recommending a sleep-aid. Or maybe a traveler suffers from the parasomnia known as confusional arousal :D


Some horror from Langoliers by Stephen King :)


So, it looks like it means "You mustn't wake up during the flight'. Correct?

I wrote "You don't need to...", and it was marked incorrect. Would that be "uyanmaman gerek yok"?


'you don't need to wake up during the flight = Uçuş sırasında uyanmana gerek yok.

they are different i guess. the turkish sentence say ''uyanmaman lazım'' it means something like''you must not wake up/ you should not...'' but if you say ''you don't need to wake up'' , it is like you dont need but you can.


"You don't need to" implied that your waking up is optional and you are given a choice (you don't need to, but you can). This sentence is not doing that...it is a lot stronger. It should be the above translation or something like "you must not/need to not"


But we should definitely be able to use '' should '' in this case.


Yes, I can undestand this: "You don't need to" is not the same as "You need not to". The second is stronger, it is a necessity, it is like an order!


I still don't understand the "uyanmama".. Why? I mean I thought it was "that I have to wake up".


"You have to wake up" would be "Uyanman lazım." The 'extra' "ma" denotes the negative verb form: "You must/should not wake up."


I wrote 'You must not wake up during the flight' and was marked as incorrect... Even though that seems to be the translation.


these complex sentences can be hard to predict what the app is looking for, since there's several legitimate ways of saying this in english


I see from AlexinNotTurkey that "during a flight you must not wake up" is an accaptable translation but is is marked as incorrect. Is this just an oversight or am I still missing something?


'' You shouldn't wake up during the flight ''

Was not accepted



Lazim means "it is necessary" not "should". You will get to how to say "should" a little further down the tree.


Why does uçuş not have the possesive suffix?

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"You shouldn't wake up during the flight." Not even google translate can cope with this whole skill exercises

the above translation is from google translate and it is marked wrong by Duolingo and i don't really see how different it is from the answer provided


Is wake up and fall asleep the same verb in Turkish? Am I missing something?


shity sentence ¨:p

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