"I like this type of shoe."

Translation:Ben bu tip ayakkabı seviyorum.

May 19, 2015



Someone somewhere has already asked this before. Allegedly, we ALWAYS have to use the accusative with sevmek. So, what's the situation here? Thanks.

May 19, 2015


With general and abstract nouns you use accusative.

I like beer. - Birayı seviyorum. (In general sense)
I want a beer. - Bira istiyorum. (Here it's not general, it's indefinite)

However, with sevmek the situtation is a bit complicated. We usually use sevmek to ask someone if he/she would like to have something.

Bira sever misin? - Do you like beer? (Would you like to have a beer?)

So that's probably why with sevmek we are free to use accusative or not even though we have a general noun.

May 19, 2015


Why not: Bu tip ayakkabı sevdim?

April 23, 2019


actually it sounds weird to me. i would say ''Ben bu tip ayakkabıları seviyorum''

May 19, 2015


Bu ayakkabının türünü çok beğendim should also work

October 17, 2015


I thought liking something was usually expressed in the past tense, so why was "Bu tip ayakkabı severdim" wrong here? Is it because a type of shoe isn't as specific a concept as liking a particular shoe or other thing?

January 21, 2016


Why not ayyakabı tipi? Just like doğu günü?

September 7, 2018


i think that would mean "shoe type"where the noun shoe becomes an adjective in a way. not that there would be any meaningful difference

February 15, 2019


"Ben bu tip ayakkabıyı seviyorum." is accepted as well. Why not "ayakkabını"? I thought noun compounds (ayak + kap) are treated as a normal word that has possessive suffix.

May 5, 2016


Although Blablache gave an answer to this question I still do not get it.

As the accusative of 'ayakkabı' seems to be 'ayakkabıyı' it is not treated as a usual noun compound but as a 'normal' word by itself.

Otherwise it would have to be 'ayakkabını' in the accusative case. (?)

Can anyone confirm this please?

May 24, 2019


If I understand correctly, this is like "a cup of tea" and "a spoonful of sugar", there is no need for a suffix. Different type of compound... And "ayakkabiyi" has the accusative case because it's the definite object of the verb sevmek (although apparently it's not needed either ^^)

October 17, 2016


Doğru yapiyom yanlış diyor

February 6, 2016
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