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Lessons on possessives

The examples in the lessons keep repeating.

May 19, 2015



Which course?


Is the Immersion tab available in Turkish? I've recently begun the course and I'm wondering why i don't have it - is it because I'm a beginner or is it because it is still under development?


It's because the development of Immersion have been stopped (for months) by Duo and Immersion has consequently not be added to any new course for months (for example ES<-FR, the 15th course to reach Phase 3 on 2014-09-16, does not have it and will not like all courses that don't have it).

See more details here.


Thanks for the explanation. It's a pity not to have the Immersion option, because I find it extremely useful - both for enriching my vocabulary in the new language, and to strengthen and enlarge the one that I use as a basic one.


I agree but Duo evaluated that it wasn't the best way and/or most priority thing to develop. :(

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