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  5. "Bire çeyrek var."

"Bire çeyrek var."

Translation:It is quarter to one.

May 19, 2015



Bire çeyrek var: It is quarter to one , Biri çeyrek geçiyor: It is quarter past one , Saat bir buçuk: It is half past one.


What is the difference between bire and biri


I'm not a native speaker but as far as I understood:

▪Bire (e is a dative case)=to one o'clock but it's not one yet. It's like there are few min. more for the time to be one o'clock.

》Note that "bire" is said after it's already half past 12. So if it's 12:35 for example, you say "bire yirmi beş var"=There are 25 minutes more for it to be 1:00

▪Biri ( i is an accusative case)= usually used when it's already past one o'clock by 1 to 29 minutes. I.e. from (1:01-1:29)

When It's one o'clock exactly (1:00)= Tam Bir

When It's half past one (1:30)= Bir buçuk

Hope this helps :)

Natives plz feel free to add to my reply :)


Is "It is a quarter to one" also correct in english?


In English you normally say "It's A quarter past one". I don't know why duo insists on using it without "a".


I am lebanese and we do have these phrases in arabic... But I am having hard time to have them right in English


What's the meaning of "it's a quarter of one" in Time context?

Wasn't it supposed to be "it's a quarter past one"?


"a quarter of one" in the English of those n the North East of the US means "A quarter to/till one"


I see... I've never seen such structure before, so this answer meant nothing to me.

About my second question, nevermind, I got it after some exercises.


As a native English speaker from the East Coast who has spent five years in the northeast of the country... I've never heard "a quarter of one." So it's a good thing they changed the translation.


It is pretty popular around Philly and in more rural parts of Upstate New York and New England. I am also a native English speaker who has been living in Boston for 6 years and has traveled around this region a lot for projects in sociolinguistics :)

We never changed the best translation...it has always been what it is. :)

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