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No Fluency Shield

My wife has a fluency percentage displayed on her home page, on a shield. My home page has no fluency rating, no shield. Is it because I signed on with Google+ rather than just making an account?

May 19, 2015



It's an A/B test, and your wife is in the test group for fluency shields, while you are in the control group. How you sign in shouldn't influence it.

If the test comes out in favour of the fluency shield, then you'll eventually get one as well. :)


Thanks. And if the test comes out against it, does she lose her shield? Let me vote on this test...I say give us the fluency rating!


Yes, in that case she'd lose her shield, but they might continue to test similar features.

I'm afraid we don't get to vote directly. The decision will be based on how well the test group does in comparison to the control group, so you better cheer on your wife! ;)


She went to French immersion and is using Duolingo to brush up. Meanwhile, I'm linguistically challenged outside of English. I think the "yes" camp has an entry.


What is a fluency shield? :-/


I don't have one myself, but from what I've gathered it's a shield/badge that displays a "fluency percentage" based on how many words Duo thinks you know.


As far as I can tell it shows the same number that used to show up, at least for some people, in the "you can now translate x% of language y" messages after learning new skills. So it has only a very tenuous connection to reality.


Not the case with me. I finished my Spanish tree, every skill is golden, I scored 5/5 on the progress test, but still my fluency only shows "55%". :) I guess that would link up to reality, but is a tad depressing. :P


Wow I'm a genius here :) 57% I am not sure how they calculate the percentages but I think it has something to do with mistakes. At one time they told me I could translate 94%. Yeah sure. But I am wondering how a person could move that percentage. I have kept my tree solid gold for a long time and still I find myself struggling with some lessons when I have to strengthen them. Oh and I wish with all my heart that I was 57% fluent, but reality says NO.


Yep. Me too - finished the Spanish tree - level 25 but mine is only 54% ... so you should be happy with the 55%!! I would like to know how they measure fluency, for clearly its not based on words. I am guessing that it has to do with the percentage of answers you get right, the speed with which you answer etc - to some extent that would be a measure of fluency, I guess.

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I'm only at level 14 in the Spanish tree and my fluency has been showing 54% since it showed up. It appears everyone's fluency is about the same no matter what your progress. I also found the percentage to be much higher in the "you can translate" portion of a lesson.


I agree with the others....I am in the same situation..It used to say that I knew so many % of words and now it shows only 55%. Would be nice how they intend to calculate this?

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    I think it also changes depending on how many answers you get right. I haven't even finished half of my spanish tree so far but yesterday the shield said that my fluency is 51% (yes I wish it was haha). after i had I logged in this morning and done some timed practice, where I only got 3 answers correct (cough :D ) it said my spanish fluency is only 48% anymore. btw: i didn't have the shield in the beginning, it only showed up a few days ago.


    There is an ongoing test. You can see some screenshots here.


    Is it now definite?


    How is the percentage on the shield calculated?


    What does this all mean?! I just started learning German today. My cousin helped me get started. But anyway, I have a shield and he doesn't. How does he get one?


    I've been bothered, because i'm testing out on levels, and my fluency shield is never changing!


    Mine changed from 57 to 56 but then I have been doing just the bare minimum for the last few weeks.


    i earn a gold shield every day, but am still only 4%, on level 10 now. 201508


    passing the duolingo spanish class makes you a fluent speaker. certainly you are not a native - so how could you get 100%.


    me too =(((((

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