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  5. "Kahverengi kitabı okursunuz."

"Kahverengi kitabı okursunuz."

Translation:You read the brown book.

May 19, 2015



Why is it 'you read' and not 'you are reading'. I thought 'read' would be okudun or okur not okursunuz.


you read (past tense) = okudun
you read (present simple/aorist) = okursunuz
you are reading (present continuous) = okuyorsunuz

(okur = he/she reads)

If translating English to Turkish, "read" is ambiguous (without sound), so Duo should accept either past tense or simple present (aorist). When translating Turkish to English, "okursunuz" can only be "you read" (simple present).


So kahve is the word for both brown and coffee? Or is it just used to me "coffee colored"?


yep. kahverengi actually means coffee colored. but you cannot use kahve instead of kahverengi


Actually sometimes we use just "kahve" for "kahverengi": Üzerinde kahve bir ceket vardı.


Why is it not : you are READING the.....


How would you say "You read A brown book"? Just have to insert "bir", and if it's not there, then it's "the brown book"?


I'm not a native speaker but I think it's as follows:

"[Siz] kahverengi kitabı okursunuz." = "You read THE brown book."

"[Siz] kahverengi bir kitap okursunuz." = "You read A brown book."

Siz is left out, since the suffix of the verb already indicates that the subject of the sentence is siz. The book is the object of the sentence, so if you want to say "the book" you need to use the accusative case: "kitabı".

If you're trying to say "a brown book", it's just "kahverengi bir kitap". Make sure "bir" is between the adjective and the object :)


doesnt "okursunuz" mean a furute tense?


No, future would be okuyacaksiniz


Why not "You read the coffee color book" ?

[deactivated user]

    Why isn't "You are reading the brown book" correct?

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