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  5. "We have a dog."

"We have a dog."

Translation:Bizim bir köpeğimiz var.

May 19, 2015



I got this wrong, bizde is not a word for we I am familiar with. Above it corrects to bizim, this makes sense but I don't really understand bizde


İf you say ''bizde bir köpek var'' , in this context, bizde might mean ''in our place''

bizde bir köpek var = there is a dog in our place

bizim bir köpeğimiz var = we have a dog


So do you use the -(I)mIz suffix here because the subject of the sentence is "we"? How do you know when to pick this suffix over just the -i possessed suffix?


Is it possible to just say "köpeğimiz var"?


Why does "var" have to be at the end of the sentence? Why not just "Bizim bir köpeğimiz"?


Why köpeğe sahibiz? Never heard that verb before?


It is actually a noun :) It should just be popping up as an alternate. It is not our best answer and is not the most commonly used form in Turkish to describe ownership.


Bizim bir kopegimiz var..why two suffix is added first time in biz-im and second time in kopeg-imiz is that not showing two possession just for only one person..


İs ... Biz bir köpek var ...correct too?


No. We have to use the possessive pronoun here. So we can't say "biz", we must say "bizim".

And the sentence "Bizim bir köpek var." wouldn't normally be preferred, the actual use is "Bizim bir köpeğimiz var." The first sentence is something like informal. You could use it in an informal case, like this:

"Bizim bir köpek var, göreceksin. Canavar gibi canavar."

(We have a dog, and you should see him. He's monstrous.)

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