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"Eu quero um calendário grande."

Translation:I want a big calendar.

December 25, 2012



So I wrote I want a big calendar but it has been marked incorrect and instead says "I'd want"... instead of "I want". Isn't "I'd want" future tense and that is not what is presented here. Or am I wrong and quero can be used for both I want and I would want? Any help would be great! Thank you in advance!


I put "I want a LARGE calender," as when I type "Eu quero um calendário grande," it says "Translation: I want a large calender" AND "I want a big calender." It should accept my answer.

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You misspelled "calendar." Perhaps that is the problem?


come on , so I misspelled calender, it was right otherwise


No offence meant, but … you misspelled it again!

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