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Idea: Language chatrooms

I just had the idea of different chats for each language where learners and native speakers could chat with each other. That might be a good start for people who are not yet confident enough to write in a chatroom full of only native speakers but want to try their language skills somewhere. Each Duo Language would get it's own chatroom where you can ask questions about the countries or just practice a little conversational skills.

September 25, 2013



Splendid – the next step for many of us. There's an enormous difference between working through a lesson compared with responding to someone in real time. And unlike other areas, people would not be there for points (the quest for points appears to distort the dynamic of some activities).


Yes, but not necessary. Just google "(target language) chatroom". There are hundreds. You can even find some that are bilingual. I found a great bilingual chatroom for people who want to learn Spanish (or English): http://espanglishchat.com/

[deactivated user]

    You can always gain points for every post in a chat room, haha.


    I really like this idea


    Well this idea is good. But my only fear is that this website just doesn't turn into another dating website for some people. This has happened with other websites. It gets really irritating.


    How about you have to buy the chatroom pass with lingots, that way we don't get people who just joined and are just here to spam (or find a date like you said). Maybe you should have to reach a certain level before being allowed in the chatroom.


    I'd prefer to err on the side of inclusivity rather than exclusivity. There are lots of folks who haven't even reached level 12 or so yet, but can nevertheless manage to carry on a fairly good conversation. And certainly native speakers should get an automatic pass.

    However, after following Samsta's suggestion and checking out a few German Chat Rooms, I can see why some limits may well be required.


    Yea, some pass or certain level should be required. :)


    Yeah, if we're going to have a chatroom at all, you should either have to get a certain (high) number of points, or complete a certain amount of your tree IMHO.


    To be honest my sole intention here is to meet hot Euro babes. Ciaobella!


    I just made a post similar to this! Great idea and a very well developed idea as well!


    i agree with you !!! i think that should haven !!!!!!!


    I had the same idea

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