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Earning just one xp... how?

I have a student whose progress reports have been indicating lately that he's only been earning one experience point each day. I asked him what he was doing to only get 1 xp (instead of 10 for completing lessons/strengthening) and he said that the only thing he's done differently over the past few days is use the timer when strengthening. I don't see how he would be receiving anything less than 10 xp doing this.

How does one only receive 1 xp on Duolingo?

May 19, 2015



I'm not sure but I think he could score just 1 XP if he only answered 1 question before it timed out.


Thank you for your help.


If he uses the timer when strengthening he gets 1xp per answer he has correct. From the top of my head as long as you keep the timer going you will get 20xp (20 questions).

In other words, he has been doing the timed strengthen skills and has answered 1 question correct, hence getting 1 xp. If he had done a regular lesson or the non-timed strengthen skills he would have received more when completing it.


Ok, thank you so much for your response. That makes a lot of sense. The student is very young (8), so I'm not surprised that he's unable to get the response in before the timer runs out. I'll make sure to let him know why it's doing that and to hold off on the timer until he's a bit more proficient at typing faster. ;-)

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