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"Menüyü kendiniz okur musunuz yoksa biz mi okuyalım?"

Translation:Would you read the menu yourselves or shall we read it?

May 19, 2015



would or will? would seems like a very different statement.


As with quite a lot of the Turkish sentences the English translation doesn't make much sense. The only way I can get a 'right' answer is to write down what Duo specifies for future use.


Why is will rather than would not acceptable?


I translated this, "Are you reading the menu, or shall we read (it)(for you) and I was marked wrong. Is this solely because the Aorist tense is used?


Yes, I think it is because the Aorist tense is used. As to my opinion using Aorist here gives a slightly different meaning. Furthermore you didn't translate kendiniz in your sentence. It must be ""the menu yourselves", not only "menu".


I put same answer so same question as Moonpanther


same question, reply was not satisfactory


I am fairly certain that previously "Menuyu kendiniz mi okursunuz yoksa biz mi okuyalim" was marked correct (Sorry no Turkish keyboard). Am I mistaken?


That English translation is very unnatural. "Would" does not work here.

A question of this type would be phrased "Would you like to read" or "Will you read"


I have seen that the singular is accepted: "Would you read the menu yourself or shall we read it?" (which has the same mistake in it)

I have not found any translation into proper English which is accepted. I tried "Would you like to read", "Will you read", and even "Could you read" (which is not very good but is better than the one proposed, and should be accepted)


If this sentence takes us down the Aorist route, wouldn't it be more natural in translation to have "Would you like to read the menu yourselves, or shall we read it?" ...?? "Would you read..." in English sounds more like a gentle command.

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re-check the English translation


Why is it "can you read the menu"? Wouldn't this rather be something like "menüyü kendiniz okuyabilir misiniz..."? Or is this a different meaning?


Aorist can have the meaning of "can". I talked about it here: Aorist Usage (Go to number III).


So Aorist asks in this case whether somebody is willing to do something whereas -ebilir would ask whether somebody is able to do something, right?


I would say so, yes.


Really trying not to sound snarky, but this sentence would have been far less demoralizing had it been saved for the "aorist skill" just up the tree!


I wrote exactly the same why did you mark it wrong?


You changed the answer you put would instead of will now.


Why is it wrong: Do you read the menu yourselves or shall we read'' İ see no optativ in the first part of the sentence


This is not english

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