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"Lei è una donna ed io sono un uomo."

December 25, 2012



I wonder whether lei è una donna e io sono un elefante bianco should be disallowedg because it is not ungrammatical. Probably because I always forget "ed"!


What is the Italian equivalent to the English word "lady"? Without thinking, I put "lady" in instead of "woman" and it came out wrong.


Where you also singing this as if it were the Celine Dion song?


Why does "e" cannot be used here? Is it a mistake or there is some unexplained rule for the use of "ed" in this situation?


according to the rules I read ,it´s the same . ???


The "d" eufonica is added because it sounds better. There are no hard and fast rules. It's a matter of style. But the dammed Owl will stuff you if you don't put ed io.

Here is a comment from Word Reference forums 2009 (http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=656188):

In seguito (ma ero già all'università) ho cominciato a sentire che l'uso della "d" eufonica veniva scoraggiata in quanto considerata un arcaismo, salvo nell'unico caso di vocali uguali (od ostentazione, ad aggiungere, ed esemplificare) o davvero molto simili nel suono. Personalmente me ne infischio dell'arcaismo, a me la "d" eufonica piace e la uso...

Afterwards (but I was already at university) I began to hear that the use of the "d" eufonica was being discouraged because it was considered archaic, except in the sole case of identical vowells (od ostentazione, ad aggiungere, ed esemplificare) or vowells really similar in sound. Personally I don't give a damn about archaic, I like the "d" eufonica and I use it ....

There is a statement of the rules at http://www.manuscritto.it/e_ed.html (in Italian)

So there you go.

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