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Incorrect Word Strength & Wrong Practice Sessions

Okay, so a while back I noticed I started getting the same words over and over, and originally it was funny, almost a novelty when Duo is asking me "Do you have a girlfriend?" over and over again (way to be subtle Duo, jeez!)

However this kept going on for reasons I didn't know, I'd be asked to translate nearly my entire practice session around 1 word e.g. Tables, the large table, the small table, do you have a table, he has a table, the table is mine etc etc etc

However most of the words were pretty basic, admittedly Table was a new word for me, but it was more words that I'd done ages ago, seconds/minutes/drinking etc

I check out my word list and find that there's nearlly a page's worth of words that I haven't practiced in a year apparently and are all logged as 'Overdue'. Now this wouldn't be an issue, some of those words I genuinely haven't touched in a year, like "Mapa", however when it says I haven't practiced the words Hat, Trousers and other such things even though I spent several lessons talking about his/her (certain coloured) hat or trousers.

Is anyone else getting this bug? I thought I'd written an email to Duo but I've heard nothing for quite a while. There seems to be some bug in the system where it just won't change the strength of all those old words so when I go to practice sessions I get entire sessions based around only 1 of those words which is SOOOO boring, and then I end up getting +5/6/7xp.

Here's a screen cap to show just some of the words in question: http://gyazo.com/ad09fbdc3d5e9591d5612dda630b3bf6

I can tell you that I've done at least 18 of those words in the past 2 week streak I'm currently on, so saying I haven't touched it in a year is false, and the strenght of the word is also false.

Can someone corroborate this? Is it just me? Because I honestly find practicing boring because I just get asked only 1 of these words about 17 times in a row.

May 19, 2015



I experience the same. Yesterday I had a timed practice lesson with just two sentences: "The cow is in the Nativity Scene." and "A vaca está no presépio." I also get sometimes the same lession more than once per day. -> Clicking on "strengthen skills" repeats the very same lesson with the same sentences etc. after some time.

I noticed this behaviour since I try to strengthen all words (https://www.duolingo.com/words). I was disappointed that I got for many lessions only 3 XP. On monday I bought the timed practice and since then I get enough XP and for a short time I had better lessons, but then it startet with the cow example above. Now I try to mix: redoing lessons, practice mode for specific lessons (e.g. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pt/Adjectives-2/practice) and for everything (https://www.duolingo.com/practice).

Duolingo says I know 1306 Words. On the words page are 2232 words listed. I guess Duolingo does not count the duplicates for plural forms, other tenses etc. But for 4 weeks I try to get rid of the 600+ words that are overdue. And if I just get 1-3 words of the overdue list in a lesson it takes ages. At the beginning I did not notice anything strange, as my tree was not golden. But now it is. I only used the pracice mode as I liked the mix of different lessons. Now I think I would have achieved more in that time if I just had redone every regular lesson, not using the pracice mode. What annoys me a lot is the fact, that I have too many words that are overdue and I practiced them for the last time six months ago. I just cannot get rid of them in pracice mode (https://www.duolingo.com/practice). One problem is that Duolingo does not always track which words are contained in the sentences. For example I repeated https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pt/Verbs:-Present-2/practice There were sentences like "Eu encho a garrafa com água.". The word list shows "Last practiced" "a minute ago" for "encho", but for "garrafa" still "six months ago" (and "pretty good"). Since today I check on the words page in which lesson I can find the word and I practice that specific lesson. By doing this I strengthened a lot of words in shorter time. But even with the practice mode of a specific lession I experience problems now. For example I have a word that is overdue, last praciced 6 months ago, in lession "Adjectives 1". If I pracice that lession in pracice mode (https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pt/Adjectives-1/practice) I get many words that are "still strong" according to the words list if I compare page as before the lession and afterwards. I also tried the flashcards feature but it always shows me the excact same cards since yesterday. I remeber that some time ago this feature also strengthened my words (but for a shorter period of time than practice mode) and I got different words each time.

Conclusion for me:

  • Tree is golden for all learned lessons
  • Flashcard feature seems to be broken (shows always the same set, does not strengthen words)
  • not all words in lessions get tracked (last practiced date is wrong)
  • Too often just 1-3 different words in a practice session
  • too many "still strong" words / whole lessons are repeated within a short time - it is faster to redo regular lessons to strengthen the overdue words...

I do not know if it is an error in the algorithmn or everything behaves like it should, but I like to have a way to strengthen the least strong words (faster). (For me it is weird that it is so hard to repeat word that I praciced for the last time 6 months ago.) Right now a feature that lets me pick the words from the list (https://www.duolingo.com/words) I want to appear in a lesson would make me really happy.

A feedback would be great. Perhaps I just have an awkward impression.

Edit: 29/05/2015: It is still the same. I just had a timed practice with 10x "vocês sabem que eu as amo" in a row and only two different sentences in total (but both language directions).


Lately it was not repetive after I took a break (doing only few lessons). But now I got the following message with even 880 words with a strength bar of one: Duo "You have practiced all of your words. Try doing some lessons or translations." Duo


I just had three times the same https://www.duolingo.com/practice session with all the same words. The https://www.duolingo.com/words page shows just the same words with updated times (last practiced) between each sessions. I stopped now, as the first task of the forth try was to translate the same sentence again. They were all from the christmas section... Totally weird!

Edit 08/26 - in the morning: Still the same. Even on my Android. Frutrating.

Using the specific lessions is no use either (I only have golden units) because if I look at the Words page I see for example that many adjevtives from Adjectives 2 are weak (1/4 strength). So I practice that unit and with luck in the word list one adjective is added below "last practiced" ("just now") that did not already had 4/4 stength bar (last practiced 3 weeks ago) before.

Edit 08/26 - at night: It seems to work again, I got a new lession. Thank you! Would still be great if there would be a way do a lession with 10 - 20 words with the lowest strength.

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