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  5. "Ben erkeğim ve su içerim."

"Ben erkeğim ve su içerim."

Translation:I am a man and I drink water.

May 19, 2015



real men drink water

August 21, 2015


I wrote 'I am a man and i drink rakı' but it didn't accept it...?

May 19, 2015


Because real men drink whiskey.

May 19, 2015


The same situation with me

June 30, 2019


This is like the most random phrase ever (and we're talking Duolingo phrases here!)

April 9, 2018


Can we say Just erkeğim without ben?

March 27, 2019


Günaydın Mina

"Erkeğim ve su içerim." Translation: I am a man and I drink water.

Can we say Just erkeğim without ben? - Evet kızım, doğrusun.


March 27, 2019


So "erkeğim" is pronounced "er-kem"?

July 8, 2015


More like "er-keh-eem" from an English pronunciation, with the last two syllables mashed together

July 21, 2015


"Ben erkeğim ve su içerim." Translation:I am a man and I drink water.

"I am a man and drink water." Another correct solution. The pronoun already tells you: "a" man 1st person singular. I did not repeat the "I" drink water.

September 4, 2018


It is annoying that this app does not have the right alphabet installed so it critised you for spelling mistakes which you cant help

April 30, 2016


On mobile you can go into your language settings and add a turkish keyboard, then the duolingo app will automatically change it for you. On the desktop site you can use this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolibro/ogianofickehjjgaopiohbgjhmhbdafn

May 8, 2016


On my mobile, using an English keyboard , if I hold down a letter, a popup menu comes up with that letter with each possible diacritical mark. Try it.

December 1, 2017


It will let you get away with leaving off the diacritical marks on c, g, o, and u, with a mild reprimand to be more careful (which you can ignore). As for I and i, it doesn't care if a word is all caps (or uncapitalized), so you can use I and i like I did here.

June 10, 2017


You can install an app for keyboard with any alphabhet u wish.

March 27, 2019


Can i say Ben erkek ve su içerim?

September 23, 2016


Nope...it would sound like saying "I is man and drink water"

September 23, 2016


What about: a boy instead of man ?

I am a boy and I drink water.


October 9, 2016


Word for boy is 'Oğlan'

September 9, 2017


Ben bir oğlanim ve su içerim.

September 9, 2017


Or you can say "Ben erkek çoçuguyum" I am boy.

September 9, 2017


"And" isn't in answer

December 13, 2016



June 10, 2017


The word "And" isn't in the answer boxes

March 18, 2017


Report it with the flag

June 10, 2017


But erkek means boy and adam is man?

So shouldn't boy be accepted as well?

June 12, 2017


The word for boy is 'Oğlan' . Erkek means 'male' and adam is any guy/ man on the street

September 9, 2017


Why the "k" of the word "erkek" was replaced by "ğ"?

August 24, 2018


Vowel harmony. For To Be you add im for pronoun Ben because erkek last vowel is e, this according to vowel harmony . So you turn Erkek into erkekim but then it becomes erkeğim because the k mutates to ğ. See the notes on that lesson earlier. Hopes this helps. I'm still learning too. :)

September 7, 2018


There is no "Bir" in the Turkish phrase then why it translates it as "I am a man and I drink water" Shouldn't it be "I am man and I drink water"? Please any expert answer?

April 25, 2019



Good morning

"Ben erkeğim ve su içerim." Translation: I am a man and I drink water.

No "bir" in the Turkish question. There is an "a" in the English translation answer.

Ben - "me."

Erkeğim - "I am male."

Erkek - male. Remove/erase the "k" + soft "ğ" + "-im" suffix for "I am."

Kind regards.

April 26, 2019


Thanks for the reply, however that's not what I asked. My question is why is there "A" in translated version of the Turkish phrase. There is no "Bir" so why is it translated as "A man"? Hope you get it what I want to ask?

April 27, 2019


The article is implied - it's in the English translation (as HilmiNevzat points out) because in English, it would sound unnatural to just say "I am man".

April 27, 2019



Good morning.

I did understand your original question.

"Ben erkeğim ve su içerim." - I am a male and drink water. This does not sound correct literally translated into English.

Remove/erase the "k" + soft "ğ" + "-im" suffix for "I am."

Adam - man. In English this is automatically recognised by native Turks as "the man."

Erkek - male. - The male.

Erkeğim - The "-im" suffix in Turkish equates to "I am" in English.

"Ben bir erkeğim ve su içerim." Translation: I am a man and I drink water. - Correct & the bir is not necessary.

Kind regards.

April 29, 2019




Consonant Mutations There is one final thing to talk about in terms of the accusative case. That would be your first taste of consonant mutations, often called consonant harmony. Consonants often change at the end of words depending on if it is followed by a vowel or a consonant. If they are followed by a vowel, they will generally change into voiced consonants. For example:

Turkish, Nominative Turkish, Accusative English. Kitap kitabı book. Ağaç ağacı tree. Köpek köpeği dog. This means:

p → b t → d k → ğ ç → c This rule in general does not affect single syllable words, but there are exceptions of course. You will even come across exceptions to vowel harmony in loanwords from Arabic, Farsi, and French.

April 26, 2019
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