"Han havde opdaget sit formål."

Translation:He had discovered his purpose.

May 19, 2015

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Should it not accept 'goal' here as well?


Og det var begyndelsen af en opfyldt liv!


hans formål var at passere smør


This is a strange (existentialist philosophic?) sentence. When something has a "formål" it means that this "something" has a purpose, i.e. to help or to make something else possible (i.e. add new generations to the world). Language has "formål". Tools have "formål". "Formål" is means to ends and thus different from "mål" and "målsætning" (= aim, objective, goal). Apart from that the sentence is nonsese!. If the "purpose" is his own he will be aware of it and not "discover it". If it isn't his own, someone have put him in a position to fulfill their "purpose.


Is this a reference to "The Jerk"?

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