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"An bhfuil do bhreithlá inniu?"

Translation:Is your birthday today?

May 19, 2015



I've just noticed that holding down 'shift' + 'ctrl' repeats audio. You can stop and repeat anywhere in the clip by hitting 'space' whilst holding down these keys. Very useful. I wish I could find a way of slowing it down, but I doubt that'd be possible in a satisfactory way with real voice recordings.

This is probably something everyone else discovered eons ago, but it's just made me happy.


In Microsoft Edge and Firefox I just have to hit the spacebar to repeat the audio.

You can slow the audio down by accessing it directly at this URL:

Right click on the player to change the Play Speed. (Microsoft Edge does a much better job of slowing it down).

[deactivated user]

    Is "inniu" pronounced like "In-yuh"? Sorry if I'm way off the mark!

    As a Welsh speaker it looks very close to "heno" which also means "today", and is handy for me in remembering this. :)


    The pronounciation of inniu varies by dialect.


    Heno means tonight, not today. The -no bit of heno is from nos, i.e. night. Heddiw is today, where the -ddiw bit comes from ddiwrnod, which is day.


    Is the construction “Is today your birthday” a valid way to translate this one? That’s the way I would normally phrase the question...


    "today" can be either a noun or an adverb. It an adverb in "Is your birthday today?", and therefore the grammatically equivalent phrase in Irish is An bhfuil do bhreithlá inniu?.

    "today" is a noun in “Is today your birthday?”. As you are comparing two nouns, you use the copula - An é inniú do bhreithlá?

    "Is it your birthday today?", "Is today your birthday?", "Is your birthday today?" all overlap in meaning, but grammatically, they are quite different.


    Would "Is it your birthday today" be "An bhfuil é do bhreithlá inniu"?


    You're comparing "it" and "your birthday" - you don't use verb for that. Even if you could, é can't be the subject of the verb.


    I pronounce 'inniu' 'in-you'. Am I wrong?


    That sounds like Ulster, which is fine. The "u" doesn't have a fada, so you could use a shorter "u" sound, like the "oo" in "good." You can listen to three dialects here: https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fuaim/inniu


    Shouldn't "Is this your birthday" count?


    No. "An é seo do bhreithlá?" is "is this your birthday?"

    It contains the word "seo" for "this", and doesn't contain the word "inniu".


    Anther alternative that is accepted as correct, though, is "Is it your birthday today?", which seems (to me) to be the most natural way to ask this question in English. Hmm, is there some alternative construction in Irish (maybe using the pronoun é) that would match this way of expressing the idea?


    other sentence structure can dive into copula. inniu is an adverb, like go maith, so ta'/an bhfuil works

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