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"Imríonn na buachaillí iománaíocht leis an liathróid san ionad áitiúil."

Translation:The boys play hurling with the ball in the local center.

May 19, 2015


[deactivated user]

    In the game of hurling the ball is called a "sliotar" so that is what aught to be used here instead of "liathróid".


    Perhaps those boys are making do with e.g. a handball to play hurling, if they don’t have a sliotar at hand?


    ... or perhaps the boys have to play with a "ball" because, like those of us at this point in the Irish tree, they haven't yet learned "sliotar!" (I am hoping for a little hurling vocab. before end of the tree...)


    What is a local center?


    Just to see if I understand the difference here. Lár and ionad can both be translated as "center" But ionad means "center" in the sense of a collection of locations related to a similar function or purpose, ie, city center, sports center, shopping center, etc. Whereas ionad means "center" the sense of being physically in the middle of something. Am I "swimming in the right direction" here?

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