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I never planned to learn Danish, but I just completed my tree!

When Danish was added last year I did a few lessons just to see what it was like. I really liked the grammar though and I thought the course was well done, so I didn't delete it like I did the others I just wanted to try out.

I did a few lessons here and there and got more and more into it and now I've made it through the entire tree. It's nice that the grammar is so simple compared to other languages I've studied (ahem, Russian), but it's also a really well-done course. I love all the notes, very helpful.

Anyway, tak for denne fremragende kursus!

May 20, 2015



Tillykke! :) The Danish tree was full of so many imaginative sentences, which made it even more fun.


So many bears and ducks! I really enjoyed it.


Very nice! I too started Danish on a lark and fell in love, and now am determined to finish it, although progress is slow since my time is divided among a few languages!


Congratulations! A lingot for you


Congratulations! I loved having the opportunity to learn some Danish, too!


How good would you say that your Danish became? I was wondering what level can someone achieve at the end of the tree. Full conversation? Ready to move to Denmark? :) Taking a language exam?


I wouldn't say my Danish is very good, honestly. I flew through the tree, though, and I think if one were to go through it more slowly making sure every skill is mastered before continuing one might see better results by the end of the tree.

I went through the German tree more slowly, and I'm about A2 in German, so I could hold a simple conversation. Danish is a lot easier than German, though.


how did you go about practicing understanding spoken word...? I found that my progress would be a lot faster on Duolingo, if I actually understood what is said in the audio samples. Now I'm afraid that I'll fly through the tree, but finishing up as someone who can't understand one word a native speaker says... writing and reading are quite easy though :)


Ive been watching Danish programmes online without subtitles and listening to Danish radio. Sucks at first as I can't understand anything but I'm beginning to get an ear for it and picking things up almost accidentally by doing at least half an hour a day (I only started learning Danish this week though so still a beginner!). Just find something you actually find interesting - I watched a totally boring programme today and ended up sitting daydreaming in English instead of watching and listening.


Haha I was about to protest and say German is way easier than Danish, but then I remembered I've been living here (Germany) two years and still haven't managed to use genitive or dative tense correctly in conversation despite working completely in German. German pronunciation however is a piece of cake compared to Danish and this "stød" business!

@meredydd moving to a country, doing a totally in that language course and immersing yourself in the language is the best way to learn anyway :D Duolingo is a great starting point to help you get by though and really is great for helping to understand some of the rules while keeping it fun. Hence why I'm doing the German one - I will master dative and genitive!

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