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Return function recommendation

I find the various discussion groups to be very helpful. One improvement I would appreciate would be that, after finishing reading a comment and answer, when I hit the return arrow, I would be returned to that same point in the discussion list or to the next question or comment. As it is now, I am always returned to the first page of that discussion group and must either scroll or page down to the next comment or question following the one I just finished. Maybe there are good technical or priority reasons for not implementing that but I have seen it done in many other forums and it is very helpful in saving time.

December 25, 2012


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As a quick fix, you might want to try opening the link in a new tab. On a mac you simply hold down command and click the link. I think on windows / linux holding down control and clicking on a link opens the URL in a new tab in most browsers.


That is a help, Bren. Thanks!


Thanks to JoeB469 and thanks to you, bren. If I could vote more than once for this I would. I have posted to Feedback and in Discussion this same wish some weeks in the past. Perhaps this "autoreturn to point of digression" could be built into the website/page. At least one other forum (non language interest) has this feature, that I participate in.


mitcorb, my thought on this is that the Duolingo staff has many things on their plate and probably will be willing to implement this function in time in line with their priorities. I can understand their mindset, assuming that is the case. Like you, I have seen this implemented in many places so it's not a technical breakthrough but does take time to code. Well, that's my 10 pesos worth! :-)

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