"The prosecutor leaves on Thursday."

Translation:O promotor parte na quinta-feira.

September 25, 2013

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I hovered over the word "prosecutor," and it told me that the Portuguese translation was "prosecutor." I used that in my sentence and was marked wrong. Apparently it's supposed to be "promotor"--which isn't even listed as an option when you hover over the word! The only translation it gives is "prosecutor"!


"O promotor sai na quinta." "O promotor parte na quinta-feira." These were both options, but only the second was correct. Doesn't sair also mean to leave?


I guess because deixar means to leave something, not "to go away".


Are you sure? I had a look at www.linguee.pt for some examples and found sentences such as:

Graça deixou a Madeira para a Inglaterra poucos dias depois, levando consigo o pouco que tinha. Grace left Madeira for England a few days later, taking with her the few possessions that she owned.

Alguém que você conhece deixou a área de repente na altura do desaparecimento da Madeleine? Did somebody you know of suddenly leave the area soon after Madeleine's disappearance?

Em 2000 deixou o país para viver sua primeira experiência internacional, como participante do Programa de Corporate Finance Internship do Credit Suisse First Boston, em Nova York. In 2000, she left the country for her first international experience as a participant in the Credit Suisse First Boston Program for Corporate Finance Internship, in New York.

Of course, you can't always trust everything you find on Linguee.


You see =) everytime you use "deixar" you have to say the place you "leave behind" (deixar o país, deixar a área, deixou a Madeira). But this verb is not used without it! Then, the best is "partir". I have to leave now. = tenho que partir agora. Hope it helps =)


Yes it does, so much so I'll give you my heart! Thank you!


Thanks =)glad to hear that! =)


Take this damn Lingot, sir!


Paulenrinque dear, what is this verb "sai"


It comes from sair, which means "to go/get out".


Oh thanks i was strengthening and used naturally Deixar too .... I will report that deixar is also incorrectly used as a hint.


Why is "na" there? Wouldn't "em" work? We don't say "the Thursday" unless it's that specif Thursday.

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Why "na" and not "da"?


"na" being "on.. (the) Thursday" and "da" being "of... (the) Thursday"


Would vai not work here, as the verb?


Vai embora yes, vai alone means go.


I answered "O promotor vai embora na quinta-feira", and it was accepted.


Why can't "deixa" work instead of "parte"?

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