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"Bu şiiri çeviren kişi ile tanışmak istiyorum."

Translation:I would like to meet the person who translated this poem.

May 20, 2015


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Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, but what is the difference between "kişi" and "insan"?


"kişi" refers to a physical being (like "person") but "insan" is a bit trickier and refers more to the internal being if you will (at little more like "human").


"Bu şiiri çeviren kişiyle tanışmak istiyorum" should be accepted. "Kişi ile" and "Kişiyle" are the same.


This is probably a dumb question, but just to make sure I understand: These participles can have varying tenses just like the -dik participle. Is that right? For the -dik participle, these can be present or past, but not future. Is that also true for these participles?


you mean -en as in çeviren? yes this can also be past or present


In the tips and notes there is a sentence in which says: yeni çevrilen kitap - the book which/that was recently translated. What is the difference between çevrilmek and çevirmek. Google translate says çevrilmek - to be converted?

Edit: answering on my own: Çevrilmek is only a passive form of the verb çevirmek.


What about 'I want to meet the people who translated this poem'? Should I report it or is it wrong?


I am not a native English speaker, but I think that people is the plural (kişler) for person (kiş). So I think that it is wrong to use it here.


That's right "kişi" is singular, its plural form is "kişiler." So, Turkish translation of the sentence; "I want to meet the people who translated this poem" is "Bu şiiri çeviren kişilerle tanışmak istiyorum."

Note that; "kişilerle" = "kişiler ile" or "kişi ile" = "kişiyle"


Would like to isterdim olmasi gerekmez miysi


Can someone please tell me how to access these tips and notes that are repeatedly referred to? They seem like they would be very helpful, but I do not find them. I'm using a desktop. Thanks!


It is not possible that you can't find it if you use a desktop. It's after you choose one of the lessons for example lesson "to be" click on it and when the new small window opens, there is one icon that assembles the Light Bulb (it is above the start icon), just click on it and you are in the tips&notes...


Thanks so much for your reply. It sounds even better! Let me explain. The only access I have is through email. Even if I google duolingo, that is where it brings me. There are no lessons to choose from, no small windows or icons. I seem to be in a parallel universe! Can you tell me a different way to access Duo so that I can use the lessons? Thanks!!!!


That's strange, it could be that you added Duolingo among the forbidden web sites in your browser. If it won't open this site, then try with another web browser - https://www.duolingo.com


Oh my goodness!! Thanks so very much!! I was in the right place but had no idea how to use it!! I've just been going to a lesson and starting the exercises--sort of figuring it out as I went along! I never even noticed the lightbulb or the key!! This is going to be sooooo much better!! And thanks to all for your patience with all my questions!!


I am glad that i could help, you are welcome :)

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