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3 years ago

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Difference of qué and cuál?

3 years ago

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  • ¿Cuál? - "Which": you're asking which option is between a group of options.
  • ¿Qué? - "What": you're asking what is the thing, its esence.

But the main reason of why people are confusing it is because a lot of spanish sentences, I would say most of the sentences, use "qué" when you would use "cuál". I really don't know why, but take that in count.

For example, you have a friend and she has a daughter. One day you go to your friend's house and there are a lot of children in the living room. And in that moment you can ask your friend:

¿Qué niña es tu hija?

In this case, you can say "¿Cuál niña es tu hija?" and actually it could be more correct, but many people use "qué" instead of "cuál".

3 years ago


Looong answer, worth a Google search. Short answer is cua'l is more like "Which?" and is used when there are specific options.

3 years ago