"Bu yönetmen çok iyi!"

Translation:This director is very good!

May 20, 2015

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Can someone explain the context of the word ''yönetmen'', is director as someone who works on movies or in a sense of someone being a manager (head of something, business etc.)


It is someone who makes movies. The other one would be "müdür"

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    My translation was "This is a very good director" and I have seen the same structure translated in the same way before in other exercises. However it was marked wrong. Either my answer should be accepted or if it is really wrong, the other exercises need to be corrected! thanks for help!


    It is wrong :) This is because of your word order. What you wrote would be "Bu çok iyi bir yönetmen" in Turkish. I cannot say with almost 100% accuracy that we are constant in these structures throughout the course :)


    I put in "This director is really good" and it was not accepted :(


    Would "çok iyi" mean "very good" in responses to "nasilsin"? (Sorry about spelling I don't have the accents on my keyboard)


    It would be ""çok iyiyim" if you are talking about yourself, but yes :)


    i wrote in different order but both have same translation .. so why it is wrong


    I hear yöretmen with r instead if yönetmen. Not in the slow version.


    Also with r yöRetmen

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