"Ben jij langzaam? Ja, ik ben een langzame jongen."

Translation:Are you slow? Yes, I am a slow boy.

May 20, 2015



Does this sentence also suggest mental slowness in Dutch?

May 28, 2016


Why is ben jij langzaam? I thought it should always be Bent jij?

October 3, 2015


Because it is before the "Jij", so it loses the T. This rule only applies for "Jij" and "Je" (not for "U")!

January 10, 2016


When it is a question, the -t is gone. Like Jij bent-Ben jij, jij hebt-heb je

December 16, 2016


as far I kow when you dont use een than any adjective words should have -e. but if you use een then adjective woes not get an -e to end of them. Why the correct answer Ik ben een langzamme jongen instead of Ik ben enn langzaam jongen

December 16, 2016


if the first sentence was "Jij zijn" instead of "Ben jij" would "langzaam" get the e ending?

May 20, 2015


Could you rephrase that, because at the moment it is not clear to me what you are asking.

What I do know is that "Jij zijn" is not possible in Dutch. In case you are asking what if the first sentence was not a question. It would still be langzaam

  • Jij/Je/U bent langzaam
  • Jullie zijn langzaam
May 20, 2015


That answers it, thanks.

Its gonna take me a long time to learn dutch verbs.

May 20, 2015


Ja, ik ben een langzame ouder

June 18, 2015


I wrote "bent jij" and it told me it's supposed to be "ben jij". Why? Thought "ben" was for "ik"

October 25, 2015


Check out this thread for more information about inversion! :)

October 25, 2015


I also don't understand why not "bent"? Can someone help?

November 9, 2015
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