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Indicator for overall progress or scheduler

I'm sure that the question comes up many times: is there a way to determine how many lessons are left before, let's say the first lock of a language, or until complete?

If not, maybe a scheduler could be developed. I'm trying to finish French before January, and I would love to have a scheduler so I know how many lessons and skills I have to complete on a daily or weekly basis.

September 26, 2013



Yes: Duolingo, is there any reason why the hovering black box that tells you about the content of a skill couldn't show the number of lessons in it?

As to your immediate need, there are by my count 353 lessons in the French skill tree. 136 lessons after the last keyhole test which looks to be where you are on the tree. Skills vary from 1 to 10 lessons, average is just over 5 lessons per skill.


I like that there isn't a "schedule." I enjoy the game-like structure of it, and credit that for my ability to stick to the program so well.

However, I don't see why they couldn't add the number of lessons into the text of the grey boxes for each section. I agree that it would be useful for people who do wish to schedule their lessons.

If you are trying to finish a language by a certain date, may I presume you intend to visit a country where it is spoken? If that is the case, you should probably burn through the lessons as quickly as you are able now, and take advantage of the Immersion portion of the website. Helps translate a few pages. It would give you a better feel for the language than the short sentences used in the lesson, you can choose articles that are of interest to you (which will make great conversation topics in your new language later!), and it's what keeps DuoLingo free for everyone.

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