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Possible to selectively disable sounds?

I like duolingo and the fact that I can drill as much as I want. Having said that, is it possible to disable the 'trumpet sound' that plays after I run out of hearts? I like everything else about the sound-feedback, but this particular sound has been bugging me. It reminds me of that annoying sound older versions of Windows had, where the sound played was loud and stress inducing. I notice that I get annoyed and exasperated by this. Is any other person having the same reaction as me? Is there a way to block the sound using a change in my browser? I am using google chrome. Sorry for making the first comment a complaint.

September 26, 2013



It annoys me because it's such a comical sound effect that it makes me feel stupid. It's the kind of sound effect that goes with tripping over your own feet and falling face-first into a cowpat. While on your way to a job interview. In this way it's quite useful because it's a strong motivation to be as careful as possible answering questions. On the other hand it doesn't really go with the crying owl: for that sound effect, the owl should be hooting wildly with mocking laughter while pointing at you.

In answer to your question: as far as I know, sound effects are all or nothing. You can disable them in "settings", but you can't get rid of the wah-wah-wah without losing the fanfares too.


Yeah, that was my impression as well. Good to know that there is at least one person who shares my view regarding the sound being discouraging. :-)


I agree too! The fanfare and chimes are very annoying. And while I am here... I wish the option to auto continue when answer the questions would make things better for me.

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