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How often should I add a new lesson?

I speak english and am learning spanish as a second language. For all of you learning a 2nd language, how much time do you dedicate to each lesson and when do you feel it's appropriate to add a new one? I'm trying to practice at least twice a day (morning and afternoon/night) and spending at least an hour each lesson. I feel that I must have everything perfect before I can move on to another lesson. How do you all decide when it's time?

September 26, 2013



There is no one set answer to this question. Everyone learns differently and has different capacities. People usually experiment with different approaches until they find what works for them.

Personally I do one new lesson per day and then clean up the aged skills. Because Duo does not explicitly teach grammar, I also spend time working through more traditional paper workbooks and also include a lot of reading.

The risk of spending too much time on one lesson to get it perfect is that you'll get bored. If you mix things up with multiple resources you'll have more fun and increase the probability of sticking with it.


Well, it really depends. Everyone is different when it comes to learning a language. ^^

Do as many or as little you feel comfortable with learning in a day/week/month/so on. Just remember to not do more than what you can handle. If you do too much, it may eventually become discouraging to learn the language. Only move on to the next one if you think you're ready to do so.

For me, I do a couple lessons a day. But sometimes I may only do one lesson, or I may do four or five. I guess for me it all depends on my mood. ^^

My advice to you is do what you feel is right for you! If twice a day for an hour on each lesson is good for you, then stick to it. If not, then add more or do less~.

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