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"O homem tem um pouco de arroz."

Translation:The man has a little bit of rice.

May 20, 2015



The man has a little rice. Accepted.


I said, "The man has a little rice." Not accepted. Says it is supposed to be "The man has a little of rice." ?


Me too, same result as you. 'A little of rice' is not correct English.


The issue has now (12/11/2015) been corrected. Thank you all for your reports and feedback.


Why is "small amount" not accepted?


"A small amount of rice" wouldn't be out of place here. Report it whenever you meet the sentence again.


Rice is not countable noun is like sugar, you can not count in number. So uncountable nouns use always little.


Why not "some" the sentence would indicate that there is a smaller amount.


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