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What's your favorite part about learning a new language?

Is it being able to express yourself in multiple tongues? Taking yourself out of your comfort zone while giving your brain some exercise? Or is it discovering foreign cultural expressions and idioms?

September 26, 2013



It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. New friends, new cultures, ideas, information, I could go on forever. It makes you realize just how much is out there and waiting to be discovered.. things you would never understand if you didn't take that first step of deciding to become a part of something bigger than yourself and what you're used to. That's exactly what language-learning does to you. It exposes you to a brand new world.


My favourite part is learning how it is spelt, how to speak the language and how different it really is to english and/or vietnamese. Turns out there are a few things that are similair.


I love being able to read and understand something I find either online or in person. I also love to try my best to speak to someone who doesn't know very much English. Just knowing that one day I'll be able to read/speak in a language and to -finally- understand what it means motivates me to keep learning. ^^ Learning languages can open up many doors out there in the world~.


Just the idea that you can communicate with new people by learning new sounds. The variety and uniqueness of each language is just so fantastic. It's even better when another language has a word for something that takes an entire sentence to communicate in your language, or vice-versa. Plus, just look at all that brain you've got to do. It feels very accomplishing! :D


It is cool to be able to speak so many new words to different people you meet and it helps to socialize! I just love learning Spanish and I can't wait to learn more languages. :] LOL


I'm new, but I love unintentionally thinking in Spanish. Makes me feel like i'm making progress.

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