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Missing student points

Hi! I have a student whose mom says that he definitely completed 100 points for the week of May 4-10, but my dashboard shows 0. Is there a way to verify if the dashboard or the mother is correct? The student is Isaiah Gingerich.

May 20, 2015



Normally the points should show up on the dashboard. If you go to the dashboard, put it as a list and click on the name of the student you should be able to see what lesson he did when (date + time) as well as when they did at strengthen skills + the number of points they received for the lesson/strengthen skill.

Of course there is a possibility that for some reason it was not registered. Though if skills were completed it should also show up on the activity stream of the student, and if the student completed 100 points and it was registered on their profile it means that it was registered by Duolingo and should be visible for you.

I am sure a member of staff will see this and will be able to help you better.


Hi there, I just looked up their activity summary and it looks like they didn't earn any points between May 1 and May 16. Do you think they may have been using the mobile app in offline mode and haven't connected to the internet since?

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