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"Tenemos diferentes opiniones."

Translation:We have different opinions.

September 26, 2013



I knew I'd get dinged for this! I said "differing opinions", which means the same thing and is almost as common.


It's better to translate the Spanish than paraphrase the English. -- is my opinion, which apparently is different from some on here ;-)


Exactly. The most important thing here on Duolingo is what the Spanish mean and that is what the English sentences are supposed to show and not superlative translation in English. We are not studying translation per se.


For what it's worth, I got this far in the tree without paying much attention to grammar at all. :D


You are right on track and not confused. Good going!


I try different translations to see what will happen, too, sort of like feeling around the edges of the concept, and if I get dinged, then my translation may have been a little too extreme, but for me, it's worth the effort. Getting things wrong is another way to learn.


Why does the original Spanish say "diferentes opiniones"? Shouldn't the adjective come after the noun - "opiniones diferentes"?


That's what I came here to discover as well. Sigh. Without discovering it. I have noticed in the chain that quantitative or either/or (binary choice) adjectives like Large/small, new/old, and perhaps different/same sometimes appear in front of and sometimes in back of the noun. Perhaps it is the importance of the adjective to the noun it modifies. I have read that a sombrero nuevo means a new hat as a different hat from the closet while a nuevo sombrero means a new hat to me from the store. The same with grande: un gran hombre is a great as famous, accomplished etc., while un hombre grande means a large (in size) man.


Gholets, I'm surprised you don't have more upvotes! Thanks for sharing your observations. They bring me a few notches closer to understanding these conversational nuances. I wonder if there is a formal differentiation or something we'll just have to absorb with practice. Hopefully others will weigh in, too.


What's the difference between 'differentes opiniones' and 'opiniones differentes'?!!!!


Is anyone else having a problem with the "You are correct" banner blocking the "continue" button at the bottom of the screen on the Android app so that you have to slide the banner up to get to the button? The banner always used to appear in the same spot in the middle of the screen, but more and more often it's showing up somewhere near the bottom.


I'm on Android. I don't see that happening much, that I'm aware of. If it's in my way I just slide it up. If I'm on a roll, though, I may not notice how often I need to do it.


when can we use "distinto"...would it work in this context?


I wish they would show me where my spelling mistake was

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