"Usted va a seguir comiendo."

Translation:You will continue eating.

September 26, 2013



Could you just as easily use continuar instead of seguir here? Or is seguir more common a construction?

November 27, 2014


I was wondering the same thing! My dictionary does not list "to continue" as a definition for seguir.

March 9, 2015


I wonder the same thing...I thought "seguir" means to follow and "continuar" to continue. Can someone please comment?

July 23, 2015


Seguir + gerund form= to continue.

September 5, 2015


Gracias por su explicacion.

February 18, 2016


I believe continuar would be used similarly as you'd use resume and seguir would be used as you'd use remain. If that makes sense.

January 5, 2016


Guys remember that "will+verb" is future tense.

While "going to + verb" "voy a, vas a, vamos a..." are 'to go' in continuos present to mean future. So every time you see a "going to +verb" the going is "ir" congujated for the person and every "to +verb" are in infinive form, so the Spanish verb must end in "ar", "er", or "ir". And everytime you see "will +verb" the verb in Spanish changes to future, NOT to "going to +verb"

March 12, 2015


"the Spanish verb MUST end in" ar", "er" or "ir" ". Er (scuse the pun), ALL Spanish verbs have those endings.

June 20, 2018


If you decide to be picky, you should do it right. :)

The infinitive forms have the endings "-ar", "-er", and "-ir". All other verbs have not. And that was the point of Jal's explanation: in order to be grammatically sound, the verb after the "ir a" part must be in the infinitive form, so it must have one of those endings.

June 20, 2018


you will keep on eating?

September 26, 2013


To me, it kind of sounds like poor English, but it should be accepted. Duolingo does not want to accept will as a synonym for anything else for some reason, though.

October 28, 2013


Keep on must be accepted.

November 3, 2015


Still not accepted 12/16. I reported it. DL likes "keep eating", but not "keep on eating".,., yet I believe the second is much more common.

December 5, 2016


Why not 'You'll go on eating'?

June 10, 2014


It's a more-idiomatic, less-literal translation, but I'd consider it acceptable.

June 11, 2014


I said th same

April 28, 2015


When is it acceptable to use the 'iendo' and 'ando' forms of the verb? I thought it was only after estar, but that's clearly not the case.

September 11, 2014


They can be used in a handful of ways.

Check out this: http://www.spanishdict.com/topics/show/31

September 12, 2014


Gracias por esto!

September 12, 2014


I posted this in a different thread as well:

There are a limited number of verbs that act like estar and take the present participle:

Seguir/continuar - to continue doing something

Some verbs of motion, including entrar, salir, venir and andar:

Marcos salió (de la casa) corriendo.  Marcos went running (out of the house). [O: Marcos ran out ...] Mi hermana entró llorando.My sister came in crying. Luego ellos vinieron pidiendo más dinero.Then they came along asking for more money. Ese tipo anda quejándose de todo.That guy goes around complaining about everything.

(From http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/COURSES/GERUND.HTM)

May 15, 2016


You are going to continue to eat?

February 3, 2016


I was wondering the same, shouldnt this be accepted?

September 4, 2016


Usually before on these sorts of sentences, a gerund word would be de + infinitive, so why is this not "Usted va a seguir de comer"?

July 4, 2015


Sorry, it does not work like that. Usted va a seguir comiendo o continuar comiendo es la opción correcta.

September 13, 2017


So, is "You will keep on eating" correct? Here it didn't accept.

July 1, 2016


You will continue to eat. Why is this not accepted.

August 14, 2016


"You are going to GO ON eating" - exactly the same meaning.

October 15, 2017


I put "you are going to carry on eating" and it was accepted.

June 20, 2018


Will not proceed to next step

November 18, 2016


... said to Joey Chestnut

August 9, 2017


Is the version "usted va a seguir comer" valid?

October 2, 2017


No. Seguir is typically followed by the gerundio form, since you're explicitly in the progress of doing something. You have been eating and now you continue eating.

June 3, 2018


You will go on eating should be correct as well, shouldn't it?

January 11, 2018


It sounds acceptable.

June 3, 2018


This is what my mother would say to me as a child if I don't eat my vegetables.

April 29, 2018


"va a" does not mean "will" That degree of corruption of the original phrase makes it just about useless for learning Spanish

December 9, 2018


"Ir a [hacer algo]" is a contruction equivalent to the English "to be going to [do something]", which is a future tense. It's pretty interchangeable with the "will" future.

December 9, 2018
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