I need how to traduce documents of Inmersion in Duolingo

somebody help me! i would like to traduce the documents of Inmersion but i do not know how do it, somebody can help me please!!!

May 20, 2015

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Hi! Immersion is the fifth tab on top labeled, (duh) immersion. When you click on it, you will be shown a variety of articles in the language you have currently selected. You can pick on that appeals to your interests, and it will open up once you click it.

Then, you can scroll up and down till you find a sentence you want to translate. Blue means that no one has translated it yet, black or gray means that someone else has already translated it. If you see obvious mistakes (typo, improper English, clear mistakes etc. etc.) you can edit the other person's work. It is polite however to up vote it first (by clicking the up vote button), and then leaving a comment in the comments box as to why you changed it. If the translator put in honest effort (as in, not using Google Translate or Duobot), it is also commons courtesy to click the "shared credit" box, which means that they will receive an up vote whenever you receive an up vote (more about up votes later).

Try to translate it on your own first, but if you are stumped by a word, you can scroll over it to see its translation. Note: the order of words and/or wording may need to be changed around a bit, to make it proper English.

Once you have done that, submit it, and the text you translated will turn green. After that, you can move on to the next sentence. After a while, someone will up vote your translations. When you reach 100 up votes, you will move up a translation tier. Translation tiers are a kind of recognition for work put into translating. There is no limit to how many tiers you can move up. I have seen people with Tier 200!

NEVER down vote a translation, unless it has clearly been Google Translated, copied and pasted from Duobot, or a sabotage (for example, the sentence says, “Jane and Michael went to the beach on Sunday, and someone changed it to “adfjlkjJane and Michael went to the beach on Sunday”). I recommend translating newer articles, or up load your own, so that people will see you translations and hopefully up vote you. Occasionally, someone will edit your sentence. Don’t get mad, that is just a fact of life that you will have to deal with. Maybe they left a helpful comment, or an up vote.

If, after rereading the sentence, you still can not see why they changed it, you can post on their stream, and hopefully they will provide an answer. Does this answer your questions?

May 20, 2015

Ok, now you missed a space between "to" and "immersion". I'm just full of "constructive criticism" today. :P

May 20, 2015

Jack, it would be "immersion", not "imerssion" :P (you added an extra "s" when you needed an extra "m".)

May 20, 2015

Thanks! runs off to fix error

May 20, 2015

lol :P

May 20, 2015
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