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"Is the spider eating the apple?"

Translation:Spiser edderkoppen æblet?

May 20, 2015



How do you distinguish where to use en and et, is it with words ending in t you use et?


Yes, kind of. Æblet tells you it's an et word, so et æble.


Why is 'spiser er edderkoppen æblet' incorrect? Is it because spiser ends in er?


And you don't need "er" in this sentence. There is no form "is eating" in DK. You use "spiser" for both: "eats" and "is eating".


The order of words changes when it's a question. "Edderkoppen spiser et æble" would be "the spider is eating AN apple" while "Edderkoppen spiser æblet" tells you the spider is eating THE apple. The only thing you have to worry about is the -en or -et at the end of a noun, it tells you the gender which will tell you the article, and the order of words telling you if it's a question or a statement.

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