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Does anyone know when the Russian Duolingo program launches?

Hi guys...I am pretty new to Duolingo, but it seems as if there is a Russian program in the works. Does anyone have an idea of when the launch date might be? A month? Half a year? Or has absolutely no information been released at all? :)

Thanks in advance. (I apologize if this question has been asked already).

May 21, 2015



Do you mean courses to learn Russian? There is one for English speakers under construction.

Do you mean courses for Russian speakers? There are two already existing (English and German) and two under construction (Spanish and Swedish).


Hi Jrikhal :) I meant a course to learn Russian, for Duolingo members who are fluent in English. I would love to learn Russian! I know one is under construction, but I was wondering if anyone knows when it will launch?



there is a date in the link I gave. However this date is based on the %age of the course created, calculated by Duo, which don't take into account everything that has to be done when creating a course in the incub. Thus this date has to be seen as a lower bound.

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