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"J'aime les fleurs, sauf les bleues."

Translation:I like flowers, except the blue ones.

December 25, 2012



Il y a des gens qui vous laissent tomber un pot de fleurs sur la tête d'un cinquième étage et qui vous disent: Je vous offre des roses. - Victor Hugo


Thanks for the smile. :) I'll translate that one in my native language Dutch and use it next week.


I need to know when "aimer" and "adorer" are appropriate because I think they really pick and choose when to mark it wrong.
It seems like "aimer" is "like" with things, and "love" with people? Is that a rule or Duo messing with me with? How often/how/when is "adorer" appropriate?


Aye, aimer with objects is like, with people it's love - aimer bien is like with people.


Would "except for the blue ones" work?


Duolingo: Please make up your mind about "aimer". It seems to be an incidental translation regarding this verb into "love" or "like", regardless if it is used in relation to things or people'.

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