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"Mi casa es más vieja que la de mis hijos."

Translation:My house is older than that of my children.

December 25, 2012



Than the one of my children? Glad I didn't have to translate this... Horrible English.


What is the la referring to here?


The son's house. "la de mis hijos=la casa de mis hijos"


the children's house


they have it worded so that she either says the house is older than one of her sons or son's, meaning her son's hosue


Except that it can't be a single son's house, because it is plural - "mis hijos" so it's talking about multiple sons/children. I guess the children are living together in a house, and that house is younger than the speaker's house.


So "la" refers to "casa" as it's effeminate. OK.


Feminine, not effeminate. They aren't the same. In English, effeminate most commonly means "unmanly."


Do you mean "female gender?"


Since when do multiple children invest in a single house? A cultural difference?

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I put "...than my childrens'." which was accepted with an error in punctuation. I think the punctuation is correct. I think all ten of them live in the same house.


It is children's, not childrens', because children is already plural.

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Sie haben Recht - natürlich. I agree.


It would be children's or sons'. I used "...than my sons' house," and it was accepted.


Yes, Just because the literal translation is "than one of my children" might confuse some, but we replace objects all the time in English. My issue is that I tried to say "My house is MORE OLD than one of my childrens" which was wrong. The difference between "older" and "more old" here is I guess the same as current American and Olde English. but if they suggest the more literal translation as correct, maybe mine should be as well


I had My house is older than my son's house is. Why is the is wrong here? I am not a native english speaker but is it wrong to paste the is behind the sentence? I am dutch and we often omit it but it is in fact the right thing to do.

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Your translation is right save for one insignificant thing. There are at least two children, so "My house is older than my sons' house is". It's just the position of the apostrophe. The "is" can be present or not.


Why wouldn't "more old" work?

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