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"An siúlann na páistí eatarthu?"

Translation:Do the children walk between them?

May 21, 2015



Ok, so I'm assuming the "AN" and the interrogatory mark at the end, makes that the "do" of the sentence? I guessed it wrong. I said The children walk between them. Which wouldn't have been prefaced with the AN. (sigh) I wish I used my Irish more often that I didn't forget it all. :(


Is it incorrect to say 'are the children walking between them?' And if so, how would you say the latter?


I think that would be, "An bhfuil na páistí ag siúl eatarthu?"


Im not understanding where the do is coming from i answerd the children walk between them but what makes this a question?


Yes, "an" before the verb is what lets you know that this is a question. So, "an siulann na páisti?" is "do the children walk?" And "siulann na páistí" is "the children walk."

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