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"An siúlann na páistí eatarthu?"

Translation:Do the children walk between them?

May 21, 2015



Is it incorrect to say 'are the children walking between them?' And if so, how would you say the latter?


I think that would be, "An bhfuil na páistí ag siúl eatarthu?"


Ok, so I'm assuming the "AN" and the interrogatory mark at the end, makes that the "do" of the sentence? I guessed it wrong. I said The children walk between them. Which wouldn't have been prefaced with the AN. (sigh) I wish I used my Irish more often that I didn't forget it all. :(


Im not understanding where the do is coming from i answerd the children walk between them but what makes this a question?


Yes, "an" before the verb is what lets you know that this is a question. So, "an siulann na páisti?" is "do the children walk?" And "siulann na páistí" is "the children walk."

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