"Tu lis le journal."

Translation:You are reading the newspaper.

December 25, 2012

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the speech needs to be more clear and understanding you always can get confused on tense and what not


It hear Je instead of Tu


I think you should accept "You are reading the news paper" as well, because it might only be a typing mistake...


How would change this so it was a question?


You would add "est-ce que," making it, "Est-ce que tu lis le journal?" Or, you would just replace the period with a question mark. If you do that, when speaking, you must say it like a question, just like English.

If you want to ask something like "When do you read?" There are a few ways to do it. Inversion: Quand lis-tu le journal? Question word at the end: Tu lis le journal quand? Using est-ce que (I'm not positive that I'm using this one right, or if it is even est-ce que.): Quand est-ce que tu lis le journal?


Either way thank you so much for your help! :)


The other way to phrase it is "Lis-tu le journal?" but I think that would sound old-fashioned


but.. duolingo translates both lis and lit to read.. so I dont get it.


also, i cant hear the difference between lis and lit. this is rather frustrating because i want to get this but there is nothing to explain it.


They do sound the same you know which it is whether it follows tu or il/elle. You have to learn each different ending following I, you, he, she etc. like English, I am, you are, they are, I read, you read, he reads. Lis and lit are different versions of the verb 'to read'. When following plurals (we, they, them) the endings are different again. Frustrating but there are some rules ( regular verbs) and seem that you just have to learn.


I see your point. but doulingo should have explained that.


You have to read forms of the verb in the begining, when they mark you a word like a new one, click on it there will be a button to see all forms of the verb


why didnt this website tell me any one replied to me?


neither can I...frustrating in deed.


I keep on hearing "tu" as Chu. is that just me or what?


why can't it be "you are reading the news"?


"lis" is mispronounced in the isolated word. I hear an "s" that is not supposed to be there.


I wrote "You read the news" and still got it wrong.


sometimes i say things slightly wrong and it says i am wrong like when i try to pronounse it


I think its dumb that dulingo dosnt explain any of the meaning or whatever behind the grammer. They should do that or have some sort of thing where u can ask dulingo what it means or something

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