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"Eski yeşil gömleğimi bulmak istiyorum."

Translation:I want to find my old green shirt.

May 21, 2015



Gomlegimi, if I'm not mistaken is gomlek-im-i. So isn't that the Genitive, and then Accusitive? I have been told more than once, that we can't use more than one case at a time. Am I missing something?


except for possessive :) Actually it is not really a case for us (at least in school in Turkey in Turkish lessons, we don't learn it as a "case" )

You can combine possessive with any other case


The genitive ending -(n)In is a case, but the possessive suffixes are free game! :D


Wow! I had completely missed the difference between Possesive and Genitive. So Can I check.... My Cat - (benim) Kedim My dog - Kopegim The cat's dog - kedin kopegi My cats' dog - kedimin kopegi

Is that right?


the cat's dog = kedi-(n)in köpeği

my cat's dog = kedim-in köpeği


Ah, thanks. I forgot the (n) for words ending with a consonant.


gömlek = shirt...

gömleğim = my shirt...

then why did we put "i" in "gömleğim(i)" ??????


Because you need to state the accusative suffix (i) you say (i want to find my shirt) which means (shirt/gömlek) is accusative.


yes, I figured that out. tesekkur ederim

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