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Skills weakening too quickly

I don't know whether other people are experiencing this as well and if maybe I'm just not practicing enough- but for the last one month or so my spanish tree has been decaying at an almost intimidating pace, making me do about ten to fifteen review lessons every day(I don't really care about my streak and sometimes can't use duolingo on busy days so yes I do skip practice occasionally, but that doesn't seem to be a big factor here since it did the same thing when I came on duolingo strictly everyday for a few weeks), which isn't something I can make time to do every day, my usual personal goal being 50~100xp with about half of it obtained through timed practice. I have reguilded the whole tree- it had about 25 weak skills that had been piled up- a few days ago, which took me 2 hours and earned 400xp in the process, but it was back to the previous state in a day. I'm on the last one thirds of my tree, and yet have to strengthen skills like basics 2 or plurals, which are most certainly in my long term memory, almost on a weekly basis; I haven't been able to do a single new lesson in nearly a month. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

May 21, 2015



The problem is that the skills becomes to fast golden. With a user script you can see the real strength of a skill. A skill becomes golden with lower than 80 percent of the words really known. It becomes golden before you have seen all the words of that skill and sure before you have seen all the sentences with these words.

At the moment i see only at the real strength of the skills and i'm exercising with the timed exercising till i get the most of the 20 translations correct. Doing so, the real strength of the skill is growing very slow, but the skills stay golden.


They will continue to weaken quickly until you have been through everything at least twice. If you are completely confident you know the material hold off on the regilding. The time delay seems to make the regild last longer. I regilded my Spanish tree after letting it sit for a few months and now it only has three skills a week degilding. I'm regilding my French tree now to see if it behaves the same way. It would be lovely to have lots of golden trees.


Thank you all! I found that practicing without a timer(as opposed to timed practice if you've bought it) and occasionally using strengthen skills even when everything is golden greatly increases the time it talks for the skills to weaken and makes it slightly more managable despite earning less xp's a day.

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