Does anyone encounter a technical problem in session NL1 lesson 6.

Every time, when coming to this sentence "De vliegtuigen vliegen niet over Schiermonnikoog, maar ze vliegen wel over de andere waddeneilanden.". The grading system stops to it because my answer is too difficult to grade? or this is also a technical problem that you are confronted with?

3 years ago

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Does it literally stop working? It is a long sentence and with long sentences it can take a long while for the system to check if it is correct. I have experienced myself in other courses that with long sentences it can take well over a minute before it is checked.

On the website you can see if the system is "working" by the O in duolingo that is "rotating".

3 years ago

Thank you for your sharing. You are right, this time, after 2 mins waiting. it works :)

3 years ago
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