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"Are there reports in the newspapers about that interview?"

Translation:An bhfuil tuairiscí sna nuachtáin faoin agallamh sin?

May 21, 2015



My answer was "An bhfuil tuairiscí sna nuachtáin faoi an agallaimh sin?", it was marked as incorrect because faoi and an combine to form faoin.

However I wonder is it really incorrect; is it a contraction like can't and cannot or must one use faoin?


It is incorrect; it’s not a contraction like “can’t”. It’s closer to a word like “within” in English; although it’s constructed from “with” + “in”, one can’t substitute “with in” for “within”.


Thanks! I just hit (and missed!) this example, and your comparison between faoin and within is very helpful!


Being able to make that distinction in English is tough too :/


One must use faoin (and don/den)


You also used the plural of interview.


I love how this unit is generally devoted to the use of new words like tuairisc and agallamh, but what fowls people up on this are contractions and their uses, which haven't been given a unit (sna, faoin). As an educator, thats telling.


As with other lessons, the helpful hints could've been a bit more...helpful...


Anyone know what level of Irish this sentence would equate to from an Irish educational standard?


This is the first time I've seen "faoin", I think. Are these kind of preposition contractions covered anywhere on Duolingo? Or is there a list of them anywhere? I feel like I always get caught out by them.


Quite a complex sentence.


I thought 'faoi an' is accepted the same as 'faoin' like 'tá mé' is accepted the same as 'táim'


"An bhfuil tuairiscí ann sna nuachtain faoin agallamh sin?" marked incorrect. Was it?


ann is the 3rd person masculine prepositional pronoun for i (ionam, ionat, ann, inti, etc), and sna is i+na, so you have the proposition i in your sentence twice.


I wrote seperately, faoi an, why is that wrong ?


Because faoi "combines (i) with article an to form faoin".

That's not optional.


But the hints do not mention faoin, and I can't recall ever seeing it before.


You haven't seen "faoin tuath" yet, perhaps. Faoin gets plenty of play - wherever the introduction you'll soon be good friends.


Thanks, I was actually revisiting a prior lesson, and when I went to where I have progressed to later on, sure enough, there was faoin.


i misspelled agallamh as "allagamh" 3 times in a row, pouring over the rest of the grammar. checking here. i wish it had underlined the exact word that was wrong lol

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