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can't see my percentage of reading anymore

At the end of a lesson i used to see my percentage of reading 70 something percent, and an article from immersion. However that has disappeared and i miss it, does anyone know how i can get it back? Thanks in advance

May 21, 2015



thanks Chuggy370, a pity if what you say is true, thank you for responding.


Duolingo seems to be testing an improved version of this metric. You can check a screenshot posted in one of the discussions.


Well , that's funny, after posting the above question yesterday i now have it back! in the new version that remoonline was telling me about. i know it isnt accurate but i do like that feature. Thanks for replying.


It just did that to advertise immersion, I stopped getting it for German at around 60%. I think it's random when it appears and its purpose isn't for informing you on how much of a language you can understand.

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