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"Is maith liom an teach tábhairne."

Translation:I like the pub.

May 21, 2015


  • 1659

Shouldn't "I like the public house" also be considered correct, as pub is just shorthand for public house?


Yes, it should.


..who says public house though


Is there a reason the "bh" in Tábhairne is pronounced "v" and not "w"? Would it be correct to pronounce it with a "w" sound?


It's pronounced "v" because that's the way many people pronounce it. There are also people who pronounce it with a "w" sound.

There's a lot of variability in how ábh is pronounced, and it doesn't follow strict dialect lines.

For example, listen to words like ábhar, [tábhachtach](https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fuaim/tábhachtach, sábháilte, *sclábhaí and you'll mainly hear a "w" from the Ulster speakers, but in tábhairne and gábh, the Ulster speaker has a distinct "v" pronunciation, whereas the Munster speaker pronounces tábhairne with a "w" sound.


What exactly is the difference between a pub and a tavern?

  • 1555

On its own, "tavern" is just a rather antiquated word for "pub". But you can still find it in the names of pubs that aren't going for an antique vibe at all (but they are still pubs, not "taverns", except in tourist brochures).


Living in the states growing up back east originally, smaller bars where mostly called taverns and they were usually packaged take out also. Now I live out in Colorado and they're either called a bar or a pub. But a pub would usually be referred to as an Irish style bar/restaurant here. I've never heard anybody say public house, even though the word pub is derived from that. When I saw the Irish word tábhairne, I knew it had to mean tavern, it's quite obvious.

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