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Please Paginate The Vocabulary Tab/Page

The vocabulary tab/page, which basically lists all the words you know, is in need of some modification, in my opinion. It lists your words to a point, then adds on some more as you scroll down. I understand why that is like that, but now with over 700 words in my spanish vocabulary I find myself ignoring that page because it feels "cumbersome", and it's affecting my learning and memorization. Anyway, could it be changed to load a set amount of words (say 50 or 100) and then if you have more words than that, it presents numbered links at the bottom to multiple pages? This would make navigation and finding certain words a lot easier imho. Just a thought. Thanks.

September 26, 2013



Hey- great feedback. Taking it back to the team.


I have a question: When I remove a word from practice, will I then never see that word show up in my sentences, or will I still see it and just not get it as a word highlighted in blue for practicing? I hope I make sense.... :)


I am afraid the first option is right.


You can search for any letters in the word, sort for Last practiced or Strength . That likes me very good. There is something else that doesn't work good: after practice a word you can not go tot the next weak word. You have to go to the vocabulary, do a new sort on Strength. That is not user friendly. It should be possible to practice all the weak words one after the other, without going back tot the vocabulary and have tot do a new sorting.


Totally agree with this request! I wish all the discussions, streams, etc. were paginated, not auto-scrolled.


I my opinion duolingo could also be the worlds best verb conjugator service Particularly with the new languages coming soon- it is actually very difficult to find reliable verb conjugation sheets for some languages such as Irish online The data for a verb conjugator feature seems to be already on duo. It would be great if it were just put into an attractive form


You can always practice by skill until something like this is implemented.

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