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Welcome Post, Internal and External Links

Internal Links:

Hei, alle sammen! Hello, everyone!

When beginning the course, be sure to consult the tips and notes. They are very extensive and will help you a great deal along the way. Please consult the forums for grammatical help, as we, along with the Norwegian-speaking community, will do our best to answer your questions in a timely fashion.

Please join our Facebook group!

Feel free to consult the following Wikipedia pages as well:

As well as this amazing PDF of Norwegian Grammar from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology:

These are also useful for answering some Frequently Asked Questions:

Other external links:

Med vennlig hilsen,

~Det norske laget~

May 21, 2015



Happy and thankful! Congrats! The wait is over!!!! :D


It's a childhood dream come true. tack så mycket (I know that it's swedish), good work, I will understand the Kaisers orchestra songs :D


Takk så mye Norske laget! It doesn't feel that long ago I posted Duo goes to Norway :')


Thank you so much! I've already finished basics and phrases :D


Thank you SO much for using IPA in the course! That is what the other courses are missing!


WHOOOH! It felt so long but this team did it so quick! Many thanks to all the contributors!


Hei Bro er du god pa norsk na eller kan du snakker det bra?


To write the "å" pressing alt+0229 at the number keyboard, "ø"= alt+0248 and "æ"= alt+0230

Bare Hyggelig!


Yes! I'm so glad it's out already! Thank you guys for all the work you put into this course!


Thanks a lot :)



Thx for all the work!


HALLELUJAH! Tusen takk contributers!!!!!

Screw finals, I'm learning Norwegian. :D


Same, haha :D But tomorrow is my last exam and then it's time for some Norsk :D


Yep, basically studying has not been happening because I've been too distracted by this.... yikes.... but I need to do well on my finals now if I want to get into grad school in Norway later. Yes yes back to work... x)


Congrats TNT! ٩(^ω^)۶


Thank you so much! It is a lovely course! :D


In how many lenguages do you think that you can communicato with a native?


Hi Luke,

I just want to thank you and all the course contributors for this awesome course! It's finally here! :D

Tusen takk!


Thanks so much for the course!


All around the world, YLVIS fans are rejoicing! We survived the wait, my friends!



Also, someone care to explain to me how posting gifs here works? lol


Tusen takk ^_^


Tusen takk to the Norwegian team and Duolingo staff!


Jaaa! Jeg er veldig fornøyd for å lære mer vokabular i sommerferien min! Tusen takk :)


I'm very glad to see this. My Norwegian was not near as good as I was hoping it would be when I went to Norway last month. It helped quite a bit for reading signs, posters, menus, and to figure out what food we were looking at when we went to Joker. However, I was unable to hold a conversation in it. I would like to go again at some point in my life and hope to be fluent when I do.

For listening comprehension I would like to mention the cartoon Mummitrollet (YouTube has videos). It seems an interesting cartoon, even my daughter likes watching it and she isn't even trying to learn Norwegian!

Thank you to everyone that helped build this up, it is appreciated.


Amazing! I love Norwegian, even thought I tried only the very first lesson I will be sure to get back to it as soon as I learn German to decent level (I can't believe that those two languages are so similar with each other, never believed what other people said...) Thank you for this amazing course!


Gratulerer med norskkurset. Jeg har tatt testene til den første tredjedelen av treet, og er imponert over hvor mye som er riktig! Bra jobba :)


Hooray, I'm so excited! Thank you, Team Norwegian, for putting this course together. I can't wait to start! :-D


Pretty cool!


The Norwegian Bokmål team was the first course I helped put into hatching. And it is graduating to beta already! Very proud of the speed and quality of this team, and especially their awesome spirit and sense of humor... we caught a glimpse of their hilarious creativity when luke51991 talked about the course in Berlin. You guys are great, and we will do our best to help you catch ALL the bugs in beta. =]

Go Norway!


Thanks for your midwifery work vivisaurus :) Here's to future successful hatchings!

Congrats Team Norwegian!


Is that Abbath?


Tusen takk! Just putting in a gentle request for Finnish to join the incubator next. Please? :)


Yes, please! :)

Enthusiastically throwing around with lingots in order to show my support for Finnish!

[deactivated user]

    Since we are all shouting about Scandinavian languages...

    (Grabs white Nordic Cross flag and starts jumping around changing)

    Fa-ro-ese! Fa-ro-ese! Fa-ro-ese!


    Yes please! Finnish is a language I've always wanted to learn.. Icelandic too, that would be awesome


    Yessss! Finnish, please, and Icelandic!


    Já! Ég vil líra Íslensku! Ég læra nu á Icelandic Online: https://icelandiconline.com/ – það er mjög gott!


    Thank you so much for putting this into incubation :)


    My first reason for the growing love and longing for Norway and Norwegian ,Hail


    Thank you so much! Finally, the corner stone of my Norwegian language learning efforts is placed :) Tusen takk!


    Good work, thank you :)


    I'm already up to level 4! I set a new personal record today too. Woohoo! :D


    I am so excited to be learning the language of my father. Takk!


    Tusen takk, kurset er kjempefint!!!!


    Thank you guys so much! I have only started Norwegian and it is already my favorite course. (and that's saying something, considering my love for Spanish :)) The courses are very good and the notes are very helpful. You guys did an amazing job! I'll be looking forward to learning :)


    Kurset deres er kjempemorsomt! (I hope I got that right.) It's great to have three nordic languages here now and I can't wait for Icelandic!

    By the way, I must confess that I mixed up some words, namely dere/dem and deres/deres, This means that I reported some errors that were no errors. Sorry for that! I learn by my mistakes though and I will hopefully be a pronoun expert when I finish this course :).


    Amazing work - loving the rainbow flag


    The day has finally come! Woo! Congratulations to Team NOBO :D


    "You go, Glen Nobo!"


    "And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye!"... I couldn't resist. SO EXCITED FOR NORWEGIAN!


    I like the matching profile pictures :)


    Thank you so much Norwegian course! I am going to have so much fun learning Norwegian!


    3 years ago and still enlisted in the norwegian course :D


    I love the new course. There is one small bug. When I did the first lesson for the first time, the course thought that I was refreshing that lesson. How strange!??? I earned 3xp. I am not complaining. I don't care if I didn't get 10xp so much, but it was a new lesson that I did for the first time and it didn't know that?

    Edit: I know what happened. I received a phone call while doing the lesson and there was a delay before I got back to it, but it was right there on the lesson page that I left it on and I continued as though nothing had interrupted me. Now I looked and my xp for this course shows 13xp as if I had done the 1st part of Basic1 completely and then redid it. Very interesting, don't you think?

    2nd edit: No that had nothing to do with it as the same happened in Ukrainian with no interruption. First time I did the 1st part of Basic1 and it said that I refreshed the lesson and earned 3xp, but on checking the profile page I had 13xp also for that language too.


    I got 13 XP and a message saying I had refreshed on my very first lesson too.


    Thank you so much for your work on this course. My family is Norwegian and we grew up hearing it around the house, but they always end up speaking English to me instead of Norwegian. I went to school in Norway many years ago, and have since forgotten much of it. I currently speak Norwegian to my son (who is too young to speak anyway) to encourage a multilingual household and I am excited to start using correct grammar with him! I think it shows that there are many of us who were excited to see this course come to fruition and I am very excited to work on it. Thank you for the notes and resources above as well.


    Hurray! Tusen takk!!


    Tusen takk! For all the great work! :)


    Tusen takk til Norske laget. Nå kan jeg lærer norsk med Duo Lingo.


    Thank you so much, I was looking forward to join this course! Now I am only concerned about making confusion between Norwegian and Swedish because of their similarity! :D


    Hello, this is really a good news for me that finally Duolingo has Norwegian. I remember I made an account here long time ago but realize that they didn't have the only language I want to learn right now (I am not good in learning multiple language at the same time). Suddenly someone from a norwegian learners group shared this news and I signed up here again immediately. Thank you for the team who has made this. Congrats to all of you for this good job :) I really wish that it will help me a lot in learning Norwegian.

    Greetings from Indonesia :)


    I can't wait to give this course a try once I have furthered my German speaking/writing/reading ability. Since I have Norwegian blood, and wish to visit someday, it pleases me greatly DL now has it :)


    Wonderful. My Norwegian has become very rusty out here in the Antipodes. ☺


    The continuous is very well explained -it's a bit of a tricky concept! I really like the relation between the tips and notes with the course in general. Well done!!


    Jeg elkser dere alle!!!! Tusen tusen tusen takk!! <3


    Exciting! I've been waiting for this course to register for the site, honestly! I wanted it to be the first I signed up for. :) Very glad it's here now.


    Tusen takk! This is the language I was waiting for here, and even in beta it is already amazing. Well done!


    I'm so happy it's been released, I've been looking for a fun way to learn since I left Oslo!


    Will there ever be a Nynorsk course? I would be very interested in learning it.


    We're not sure. There will be a Nynorsk bonus skill in our course, one day soon. I can't speak on behalf of the others, but I personally cannot write in Nynorsk. All the others were presumably taught it in the Norwegian school system and therefore have it mastered to some degree.


    I'd be interested as well, though an special skill would be amazing already!

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for this course. Free alone doesn't mean good. This however is an incredible amount of content and, as a huge bonus, it is all for free.

      Thank you.


      Hei. Det er veldig god å se et norskkurs i Duolingo. Finally! Men... eg gleder meg til å ha dette på telefonen min også... Windows Phone app anywhere in the pipeline? would be great!! Takk skal du ha!


      Thanks! I've always been interested in the Scandinavian languages, so this will be a great start.

      Here's hoping there's a Finnish one day! I know they're not the same, but I'm interested in Finnish as well.


      Hei og velkommen! Tusen takk! I liker Norsk. God Helg! Ha en hyggelig kveld! Ha det bra!


      Hei, I feel like an utter fool right now but where do I find the tips and notes?? I (obviously) found the discussion page but could do with the tips and notes, esp. as I'm only starting and things like jente and jenta or gutt and gutter etc. are still somewhat foggy to me... Cheers!


      Tips and Notes are listed at the bottom of each skill page, such as the one here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Basics


      Thanks a mil!The tips and notes don't appear on the iPhone app, so I wasn't sure where to look. I'll try to get more practise done on the computer :-)

      [deactivated user]

        Hi like norwegian, but manly speak Irish.


        I only know one language which is my first not that im that great at spelling in it as it isXD but always wanted to learn a new language so glad i found this site:D


        Thank you so much!


        Hey, everyone. I started putting together a Google Drive Folder with vocabulary lists and worksheets that are catered to the Duolingo course. If you're interested, you can find it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B60z8iTW9BHASU8xU3E3ZkU0ZWM?usp=sharing


        This is very helpful, thanks.


        I started learning Norwegian almost a week ago, and I'd just like to say thank you to the Norwegian team for creating such an extensive course here on Duolingo. I feel like I fall further in love with your language with every lesson I complete!


        Guys i want to give my feedback on the Crown System. I think it is a good idea to also go through the tree not only down the tree, but one thing that I absolutely dislike is the fact that I can't see anymore the words that I have learned or learning in a lesson. I always used to review the words from lessons and figure out if i still remember them. I think the Crown System is a keeper but only if you will also show the words in each lesson. I really think that will help a lot... If you don't plan to add that in the future, is there any possibility for me to go back to the previous system? Thank you very much and I appreciate what you do in improving this resource.


        Team, thanks so much for putting together this course! Just finished the whole tree at level five (with a lot of added vocabulary learning on the side) and felt encouraged when I was in Norway for Christmas that I'm starting to understand more and more. Now we'll grow from here!


        Tusen takk for all the amazing work you guys put into this! Really amazing!


        Thank you so much for all the work and amazing resources. I was just wondering if there is a list of all the words used on the Duolingo course? Or a document that has this? :D


        I am at level 2 but i cant seem to click on the next level tasks? what am i doing wrong?


        Hi archanachat, it seems you need to complete (= finish all lessons of the skill) the skill "Basic 2".


        Thanks! i did not notice that :)


        Can I ask speakers of Norwegian something? Is the articulation of the consonants "t d n and l" dental, alveolar, or denti-alveolar? I know that if these letters are preceded by r, they are pronounced as retroflex consonants... (rt, rd, rn, rl), but in other words like datt, att, etc, how are they pronounced? Also, when does the retroflex "r" occur in norwegian? And finally, does a velarized or "dark" L occur in Norwegian (Eg. "fuLL" or "spiLL") and when is an "l" pronounced this way? Takk!


        T, D, N and L are usually alveolar, but as with most sounds, the sounds vary a lot between the different dialects. If we go by the standard Western Oslo dialect (which is probably the most neutral dialect), they are all alveolar. As for the retroflex R (I'm not familiar with these terms :p), it is only used if it is in front of T, D and N. I'm not sure if you are referring to the Norwegian or the English meanings of spill (translates to game in Norwegian, søle would be the translation) and full (translates to drunk and full in Norwegian). The English L in full and spill is only used in a few dialects.


        Mange takk! But I have another question.... Nynorsk is really appealing to me.... as if Swedish and Bokmal had a baby :P But I really don't know how to read it... I know Western Norwegians use Bokmal, so is the "R" pronounced as in Danish or French? Are there other differences in pronunciation?


        Nynorsk is actually further from Swedish than bokmål, if it has to be the child of another language, I guess it'd be Icelandic. Bokmål and Nynorsk are both written languages and say nothing about how the user speaks. That is all up to the dialect you speak


        Thanks! WHat are some characteristics of the Oslo accent?


        Well, I guess you could say that the Oslo accent is as close to Bokmål as you get. The dialect spoken in eastern Oslo is often "rougher" than in the rest of Oslo. They use tjukk L a lot and tend to stress different parts of the words than we do in the west. For example, they would say bannan and avvis instead of banan and avis. They also end more words with A, like gutta and mora (mødre, plural of mor). Because a lot of the people that live in Eastern Oslo are immigrants (almost everyone in some areas), a lot of people there speak Kebab Norwegian, which is basically Norwegian with a lot of loan words from the languages the immigrants speak. The western dialect is not rough at all. It is often considered snobbish, as a lot of the people that live in the areas that speak this dialect are very rich (Bærum and Asker are the two most expensive municipalities in Norway). That's where we speak like this, btw, Western Oslo, Asker and Bærum. There's not much to say about it, tbh, it's basically the way the duolingo voice speaks. Just remember that we don't use the tjukk L here.


        BTW The "retroflex r" I'm talking about is "tjukk l" in Norwegian... They say it occurs in "gard" "bord" and "blad". Check out this audio sample from wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Retroflex_flap.ogg

        Also, they say that "A velarized laminal [ɫ̪] (As in English siLk or spiLL) occurs after mid back and open back vowels, sometimes also after /u/." Is that true for the Oslo accent?


        For some reason I can't reply to yor latest comment, so I'll do it here. I'd say every dialect sounds educated. The only dialect I can think of that is often considered uneducated would be the dialects found in Østfold. I don't know why it is that way, Østfoldinger are no less uneducated than the rest of us, but it's just the way it has become. As for the tjukk L, there aren't really any rules for when to use it. It's just something you pick up on if you live in an area where they use it. I don't use it myself, and therefore I am often unsure if it is even possible to use tjukk L in the particular word I am thinking/talking about.


        Again, it's all up to which dialect you speak. The "tjukk L" is for the most part just used in eastern Oslo, eastern Akershus and Østfold. I myself live in Asker, an area a little west of Oslo, where very few speak like that.


        I was hoping for a ton of lingots after using the shortcut, got none and now it looks like I am learning my own language. Hit a new daily record at least. Was at 700 and got up above 3000 after a 2 minute test :)


        I seem to be swimming against a tide! For three months now I have only reduced the number on my outstanding list by 4. I completed the list months ago . Then the list changed so I keep topping it up fully.....but it never reduces. SO I am going round in circles.... Am I doing something wrong? Must I answer every question perfectly before it will let me continue? I do 30 a day but the next day there are new uncompleted topics..that I have completed many times over.


        I have nei idea why that is happening


        Wow, very useful! Tusen takk.


        Great site. Tusen takk :)


        Oh, by the way, I really encourage you guys to visit Sunndalsøra :)


        why is my dog crying?


        I love this! You should come and join a brand new group I've created on discord (https://discord.gg/CmNSbPp) for people who are learning Norwegian. You don't need to be fluent in it, it's just to get help from real people!


        Hi! That sounds amazing but unfortunately your link doesn't work. Why? :c


        It worked for me before even if it was showing that it is invalid, I am using discord through browser and I have noticed that one needs to be logged in before using this link. but now I guess the link has expired for real :( someone needs to post a new link here :)


        Thanks. So jurisKaste are u a member of this group? Are u able to post a new link to discord group? Or only people with permission can do it?


        yeah, I left the server during the process of checking if the link works or not. I guess everybody who is in can send you an invite link. so we have to wait. by default link expires in 24 hours.


        The link should work now. Sorry about that!


        Thank you so much man! I'm a noob about Duolingo and Norwegian too... but that's so cool! I love it!


        Hey, Luke Dette er en fantastisk samling av linker! Takk for det. Linken til TV2 på Youtube fungere ikke... Er TV2 den beste måten til å skaffe seg lytteforståelse? Finnes det noen tregere, for nye nybegynner? (Apologies for my broken norsk, my first attempt at writing a comment in the target language.)


        My family roots are from Norway, so I figured I should learn the language of my people!


        Takk for det! They're very useful resources. Tusen takk


        Very happy to discove this app and the Norwegian course. I started Norwegian course few months back, which is great for grammar and speaking and so on, but it's difficult for me to remember new words. Tried a few lessons on DL and already feel more comfortable with the vocalbulary.


        The TV 2 link on YouTube doesn't work anymore.


        Hi! Really enjoying this. I’m half way through the course and I’m wondering now if the level acquired after completing it is equivalent to any on the CEFR?

        Cheers og tusen takk!


        Useful tip, tusen takk!


        hi do you speak spanish luke


        Hello Norwegian learners! Do you know Zello application? It is an application which is working as an online walki-talkie. There are plenty of grups with different interests where you can talk with people. I have been using it years before to overcome my shyness of speaking English and it helped me a lot and besides that I have met pleanty wounderful people there. I'm currently learning Norwegian here (Basic level) and I decided to find Norwegian language speaking group on Zello but unfortunately there only a few where is nobody active.

        So I decided to create my own group. I dont know how many of you here are interested in such practice but lets give it a try. What nice is that you can think as long as you need before saying anything or use a vocabulary if you need and nobody would judge you :) We can share topics, send pictures with lessons, or share new interesting phrases and new words there. In such a learning groups are usually different people with differen level of language knowledge and different personalities (Introverts / ekstroverts) so it is OK if you dont speak at all just listen if you feel comfortable that way.

        Long story short :D Zello application can be downloaded from Play/App store. It is free and I dont recall any Advertisements there so it is very nice to use. Link below. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.loudtalks&hl=en&gl=US

        My channel name is Snakk_norsk could be found using loop in the channels tab after you download the app and finish the registration. As for now there is only me and my wife, we both learning Norwegian, but I have just created this channel today so I hope it will eventually grow bigger and become very useful. Link to the channel below, but I believe you need to have an app to join it. https://zello.page/xrsfTpfUtujWP6417

        Ha en god dag! And see (hear) you on the channel!

        Best Regards, Oleksandr

        Learn Norwegian (Bokmål) in just 5 minutes a day. For free.