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Ukrainian course is officially in beta!

And just like that. It happened. The course is out to run in Phase 2.

Take a look at the specs:

  • Number of subscribers at launch - 18,423
  • Number of words taught – 1,149
  • Number of sentences practiced - 3,805
  • Number of skills: 49 plus 3 bonus skills
  • Grammar taught: genders, plurals, noun cases (Accusative, Genitive, Instrumental, Locative, Dative), demonstrative pronouns, personal pronoun cases (Nominative, Dative, Accusative), all three tenses, basics of the perfective aspect, basics of the verbs of motion, reflexive verbs, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, cardinal numerals, some complex sentence;
  • Audio: recorded native speaker’s voice

CREATORS: SergioRuido, vovakondrat77, IrynaKrupska. Special thanks to the voice of the Ukrainian course – Natalia.

We hope you will enjoy learning the language and we are looking forward to hear from our beta-testers. There will be bumps on the road but together we will fix those. Let’s make this course a better place to learn!) It will also be exciting to see a strong community grow in the Duolingo forums for the learners of Ukrainian.

On behalf of the team I’d like to THANK YOU ALL FOR PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THIS. We also appreciate the Duolingo staff guidance and support throughout the long Phase 1 journey.

A Facebook group for Duolingo learners of Ukrainian has been created. You are welcome to join and share language learning fun! https://www.facebook.com/groups/duolingo.ukrainian/

We are glad to share the moment with our Norwegian friends! We are taking this step together, congratulations to you too!

Here we go!

alt text

May 21, 2015



So happy and proud of Team Ukrainian! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. =]


Wooow! Pretty picture! =]


Congratulations, Ukrainian team! It's an honour to be graduating alongside you! :)


Ohh! Great news! :D Congratulations to all of the contributors!


This one is going to be hard to resist...how exciting. Congrats to the Ukrainian team.


Congrats, Sergio and team! I am definitely going to try your course!

I will also reach out for advice with the Hindi course soon coming to the incubator. I am interested to see how you have handled teaching of the alphabet and test my experience as a learner :)


Hi jitengore (and anybody else reading this), feel free to consider my following feedback about teaching foreign alphabets - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8732696


Thank for the thoughtful advice, coolazice! We are all ears and want to try out a few things and see what works!


Congratulations! :-)

I just started it to try, and I noticed that writing "Tato tam" instead of "Тато там" is accepted. Do you accept romanized version of everything?


No romanized versions, please))


)) That's interesting. Probably because all letters here sound and look just like in English (well, if you type in capitals)


We noticed it long ago in the English course for Russian speakers. The thing is, Duolingo has got a system of transliterating Cyrillic into Latin (and Latin letters with diacritics to basic Latin, for that matter).

However, I'd not recommend to use it extensively, because no exact rules of transliteration are summed up anywhere.


Have you reported it to Duolingo? It doesn’t seem to be a good system to me (and it doesn’t seem necessary either given that we have Unicode), for instance as others have noticed, both и and і are accepted interchangeably, тс is accepted for ц and I wouldn’t be surprised if things much more obviously wrong like сх for ш, or possibly зх for ж were accepted as well.


So it’s not on purpose? Weird. I tried a bit more and "tse" is accepted for "це", both "a" and "ya" are considered typos for "я", "hto" is considered a typo for "хто" although "xto" is not accepted.

I agree that we shouldn’t use romanized version but I was too lazy to install an Ukrainian keyboard as I was not planning to do the course, but I decided to try it anyway. I won’t send any romanized report)))


Ya is supposed to be ia, hto is supposed to be khto. I was confused as well


Молодці! Ви зробили справжній подарунок багатьом людям!


That's great that the course has recorded audio!


Hell yeah! This is actually pretty exciting. Adding something different to the mix!


I'm so exited to learn my first Slavic language. Thank you and congrats!


Congratulations! Happy to have a new toy to play with. It's a holiday weekend in the US, so now I know what my plans will be.... :)


Just a quick question. How similar is Ukrainian to Russian? If I take the Ukrainian course, how much will it help me with Russian?


There are a lot of similarities in vocabulary due to a common ancestor for both, but from what I can tell the grammar and conjugations are different. I am not certain it will help with the learning of Russian, but having knowledge of Russian is proving to be a good foundation for Ukrainian (even though I keep using папа instead of тато.


I'd say, it's quite the opposite: the grammar is very similar, with some endings and usage rules being different, however, the large part of the vocabulary is different, especially for many common words.


Why only 1100 (ish) words? Most Duo trees have 2000 =<


Wonderful news! Thank you!


Awesome! Congratulations!


congratulations :D and a happy course hahaha


When is it coming out for mobile? It's kinda tough on a laptop with Ukrainian Cyrillic

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