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What happened to Duolingo?

What happened to Duolingo?

Last year I finished Duolingo English to Spanish in September. It took me 110 days. I thought I would go back and look at it this week for the heck of it. Needless to say I knew it would be easier since I now live in Mexico with a non-English speaking amiga and still study every day as well as conversing with everyone in Spanish the entire day. The program now is so simple, not because of my improvement, but the incredible changes they made.

There used to be 20 questions instead of 7. You had 3 hearts, 4 if you bought another 1 with lingots. If you used up 4 hearts by getting 4 wrong you had to start the entire lesson over again. Many a time you got to the 20th question with no hearts, got it wrong and had to start again. When you did finish you earned 10 points for completing the lesson plus 1 point for every heart you had left. Lingots were extremely important to buy that 4th heart.

You had to translate from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. Why are they only translating from Spanish to English? That doesn't help much when you are trying to form a sentence in Spanish.

Duolingo helped me so much in learning Spanish. I am glad I finished the tree before these changes. Does any know what lead to these changes? I certainly hope that people were complaining it was too hard. Learning is supposed to be challenging.

May 21, 2015



Okay...that is weird, because that is not happening to me. Sure, everyone is experiencing the strength bar instead of the hearts, but you also said that you only translate from Spanish to English? that is strange, because that is definitely not with me......and you also noted that you only have 7 questions? what? that is not so with me.....hmmmm :)


Yes, it is weird because all of the lessons that I look at now have the same number of questions as before not 7. It's like an update hit my program, it is very strange, but I am glad to see it.


Yes, I say EXACTLY what blackjackninja999x says.


i think that he wanted to say 17


I don´t like the changes either, but I´m more concerned about how little the Duolingo sentences database has improved over the past 18 months. I´m mainly reviewing both Spanish-English-Spanish courses daily to keep my day streak, and I am still getting the same silly errors on perfectly valid answers that were reported ages ago. With more than 30 billion users on these courses one would think they should have improved their answers database a lot more by now. I´m really considering to leave Duolingo now since it does not give me much any longer.


I think you mean 30 Million users, unless every person on the planet has multiple accounts. :) And I think many of us need to accept the fact that there comes a time when other sites/resources may be more beneficial to our learning than Duo. I dabble here daily, but the meat of my learning has been Non-Duo for quite some time.


I have been using Duolingo for about a year, and have to admit, I haven't been faithful to it, like some of you. I do it for awhile and then leave and then come back to it. I still enjoy it, and have a lot more to learn, because I'm not as far along as some of you. However, since the last time I was on the site, I too, have noticed that things are more forgiving. I've also noticed that it seems easier to get through the lessons, without getting down to the last question, finding you were wrong and having to start all over again! That was frustrating to me, BUT, on the other hand, it made the lesson more challenging. Someone did mention that they have found another site they have been using. What is that?


My experience is opposite. I used to be able to get through a lesson answering 17 sentences correct. Now I have to answer 24 sentences correct. It takes forever to do just one lesson.


Well, I'm new here so I never experienced the old Duolingo, but to me having to restart a lesson when you get the last question wrong sounds more frustrating than helpful! Perhaps they just didn't want to discourage users? You still need to get a certain number of questions right to fill the strength bar and finish the lesson. Hopefully they are re-giving sentences that we get wrong later in the lesson? I don't know I've never really paid close attention to that, but that would be a way for people to get more practice with what they don't know without them having to repeat everything they do know.


I started under the old Duolingo three hearts system 18 months ago and still visit daily. I, for one, prefer the kinder, gentler Duo.


Me too. There were times I'd have to do a lesson over so many times it was beyond frustrating... especially when often enough I lost hearts due to typos, and in trying to edit an answer pressing the right arrow key acts as "enter".. argh! Now, if it takes much longer, it's just more practice. :D Also, I do so much better in the morning than late at night when I'm nodding off. I don't know why! lol!


well duolingo has been having some problems this year.. but it is easy and simple... i mean yeah there is some little glitches but all is well i really enjoy duolingo and it does help with learning a new language i'll support duolingo no matter what...

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