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Tá Comhionannas/Yes Equality

In the Republic, Irish-speakers have generally stayed out of politics, apart from ensuring funding and legal protection for the language. Tomorrow's marriage equality referendum, however, has seen Gaeilgeoirí actively campaigning on social media, using the Tá Comhionannas label to spread the message. All will be revealed on Saturday, but they can take inspiration from the world's most famous Offaly native and his motto of "Is féidir linn"!

May 21, 2015



Ní thaithneann an focal "Comhionnas" liom mar aistriú ar "Equality", cuma matamataice atá air dar liom, "X = Y" nó rud éigint mar sin.


From this thread I get the impression Ireland never had "equality" or "love" before some recent vote (and 38% voted "against love" ?!?!?!), but I have no idea what the vote was actually about. What a wonderful world if people said what they meant.

Edit: Strangely, every downvoted post was not visible on the page until after I made my post. Apparently this was about "gay marriage". Why not use that term if it's what you're talking about? Why substitute it for nice-sounding meaningless fluff? Just plain confusing.


Congrats, guys. Just heard the news. :-)

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Congrats on the Irish vote for equality!


YES! 62% in favor of grá!

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